Croeso i Blwyddyn 5! Welcome to Year 5!

Each day during school closure, three learning tasks for Year 5  pupils to complete will be posted on this page.

SLOT DRILIO – Watch this short video each day this week to practise Welsh vocabulary:

Task 1 – Monday 25th January:

Task 2 – Monday 25th January:

Click HERE if you want to read the Newsround article that is mentioned in this video.

Task 3 – Monday 25th January:

IMPORTANT YEAR FIVE NEWS BULLETIN: please watch this video about our new plan for Fridays!

Task 1 – Friday 22nd January: Teams meeting at 1pm. Please watch this video about ‘top tips for Teams’:

Task 2 – Friday 22nd January: Click HERE to complete the weekly survey. This helps me to know how you are!

Task 2 – Friday 22nd January: Please complete any unfinished work from earlier this week, or indulge your learning passions in your very own interest group!

Task 1 – Thursday 21st January:

Task 2 – Thursday 21st January:

Click HERE for the maths game explained in this video.

Task 3 – Thursday 21st January:

Click HERE to go straight to Reading Eggspress, then log in to find the task that I have assigned to you.

Task 1 – Wednesday 20th January:

Task 2 – Wednesday 20th January:

Task 3 – Wednesday 20th January:

Click HERE to watch the Youtube video mentioned in this lesson video.

Tre Uchaf advises you not to click on any further links recommended by or advertised on Youtube. 

Task 1 – Tuesday 19th January:

Click HERE to watch a very short video on Youtube before watching the lesson video.

Tre Uchaf advises you not to click on any further links recommended by or advertised on Youtube. 

Task 2 – Tuesday 19th January:

Task 3 – Tuesday 19th January:

Task 1 – Monday 18th January:

Task 2 – Monday 18th January:

Task 3 – Monday 18th January:

Task 1 – Friday 15th January:

Task 2 – Friday 15th January:

Task 3 – Friday 15th January:

Part 1: Click HERE to take the weekly wellbeing survey.

Part 2: Join the class Teams meeting at 1pm today. Watch the video below to understand how Teams meetings will work…

Task 1 – Thursday 14th January:

Task 2 – Thursday 14th January:

Task 3 – Thursday 14th January:

I have assigned different tasks to each of you on Reading Eggspress (they are all linked to our learning about ‘space’.) Click HERE to go straight to the site so that you can log in. Get in touch if you have lost your password!

Task 1 – Wednesday 13th January:

Click HERE to listen to a piece of music inspired by Jupiter before watching the video below. Tre Uchaf advises you not to click on further links or suggested videos on Youtube. 

You might also like to click HERE for more information about the ‘gas giants’ (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.)

Task 2 – Wednesday 13th January: 

Task 3 – Wednesday 13th January:

Click HERE to learn about air resistance before watching the video below.

Task 1 – Tuesday 12th January: you will need a piece of scrap paper and a pen or pencil while watching this video:

Task 2 – Tuesday 12th January:

Click HERE to visit the website that I read in the video. Click HERE to find out more about the Mars rover Curiosity. Here are some extra videos from NASA about Mars that you might enjoy. Each video is just one minute long… click HERE to watch a video about landing the Mars rover Curiosity; click HERE to watch a video about what the rover is looking for; click HERE to find out about problems communicating with Mars.

Task 3 – Tuesday 12th January: Begin by clicking HERE to go to the BBC Bitesize page about gravity. Watch the video explaining what gravity is, and how it is different on the Moon to on Earth.

Task 1 – Monday 11th January: Before watching the video below, click HERE to visit the BBC Bitesize site about our planet.

Task 2 – Monday 11th January: 

Task 3 – Monday 11th January:

Task 1 – Friday 8th January:

Task 2 – Friday 8th January:

Task 3 – Friday 8th January: This task is quite quick, but VERY important! Click HERE to answer a few questions about your feelings. Every pupil in our school has been asked to answer the same questions this week.

Task 1 – Thursday 7th January:

Click HERE to open a copy of the clauses shown in the video above.

Task 2 – Thursday 7th January:

Task 3 – Thursday 7th January:

Task 1 – Wednesday 6th January: 

Task 2 – Wednesday 6th January:

First of all, click HERE to go to the BBC Bitesize site, and watch the cartoon video about the Sun.

Then, get a piece of paper and something to write with, and watch the following video:

Task 3 – Wednesday 6th January:

On Monday, I sent you a video about preparing resources to make a sundial. Hopefully, today will be sunny enough for you put your ‘stick’ (I have since been told by the pupils who sent me research that this should be called a gnomon) in a sunny place, and check it every hour to mark where the shadow is pointing. If you have not got a sunny garden, you could try using something like a pencil as a gnomon and put it on a South-facing windowsill (most smartphones can show which direction is South) using something like ‘blu tack’ to hold it upright, then watch how the shadow moves throughout the day. I would love to see any photos or videos of your work, or evaluations if it all goes completely wrong! 

A handy hint for Y5 Pupils learning from home – Monday 4th January:

Video Message for Y5 Pupils – Monday 4th January:

Task for Monday 14th December:

Task for Tuesday 15th December:

Task for Wednesday 16th December:

Task for Thursday 17th December:

Part 1: Listen to the poem being read in this video (Tre Uchaf recommends that you do not click on any adverts or extra videos when watching Youtube): 

Part 2: Click HERE to take a quiz about the poem. Everyone who answers every question in the quiz will get 30 stars (even if their answers are not all correct.)

Task for Friday 18th December: