World of Faiths

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Below is some more information about the places on our ‘World of Faiths’ display.


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Amritsar is a city located in Punjab, 28 KM from the border with Pakistan. It’s home to the golden temple (Harmandir Sahib) the holiest religious complex (gurdwara) of the Sikh religion. It’s got a population of 1.13 million people. The temple was founded in 1577 by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das, and is the first official Gurdwara and the Aad Granth (the holy book of the Sikhs) was also complied and enshrined in the temple for the first time. There may be many Gurdwaras around the world ;however, it is thought to be the most important as it’s the first Gurdwara and the first place that the Aad Granth was complied and enshrined but many do believe that each Gurdwara is of equal importance.