Clubs- Clubiau


Article 15- You have the right to meet with friends, join groups and clubs.

Clubs for Summer 2019 – Clubs start on the date stated on the consent form

Here is our current clubs timetable…

Day Club Teacher Age Group
MONDAY- Dydd Llun Homework Mr Williams Year 3 – 6
   Theatre Club  Miss Lowe  Year 5 and 6


WEDNESDAY- Dydd Mawrth






Mrs Havard





Year 4 – 6


  Makaton Club


Miss Evans


Year 2 – 6


THURSDAY- Dydd Iau      

Tre Uchaf Teckies

Mrs Davies    

Mr Williams

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2

FRIDAY- Dydd Gwener Flute Mrs Hewitt Year 5 – 6


Important Message for Parents!

Once a child has returned a consent form for a club they should ensure they attend that club for the rest of the term or until the end date of the club. If your child does not turn up for a club we will be worried about where they are and will need to contact you to ensure your child is safe. Please help us save precious time by letting us know if your child will not be attending!