Newsletter 21st June 2021

NL21st June

Dear Parents,

We have a very busy time ahead of us as we try to fit in some important and fun end of term events for you and your children. I now have some dates for your diary!


Tuesday 22nd  June         Nursery to stay for lunch  until 11.30

Wednesday 23rd June      Year 4 Trip to Port Eynon

Thursday 24th June             Year 5 Trip to St Madoc’s (leaving at 9am sharp!)


Monday 28th June             STF Trip to Aberavon

Tuesday 29th June              Year 5 Transition morning to Penyrheol

Nursery to stay for lunch  until 11.30

Wednesday 30th June      Year 3 Trip to Folly Farm

Thursday 1st July                 Key Stage 2 Class Sports Days

9.15 Y3

10.15 JSTF

11.15 Y4

1.00 Y5

2.00 Y6

Foundation Phase Trip to Aberavon


Monday 5th July                 Arts Exhibition in the gym – staggered times to be confirmed

Tuesday 6th July                  Year 6 Transition morning in Penyrheol

All children to visit their new classes/teachers

Nursery to stay for lunch until 11.30

Meeting for September Reception parents 11.30am

Thursday 8th July                Year 6 Trip to Oxwich

Foundation Phase Class Sports Days

9.15 Y1

10.15 Y2

11.15 Reception

2.00 ISTF

Afternoon Nursery Trip and Sports Day


Friday 9th July                      Morning Nursery Trip and Sports Day

Reports out


Monday 12th July              Reserve Sports Day

Nursery Reports out



Tuesday 13th July               Class Picnics and Fun Day on the School Field

Wednesday 14th July        Meeting for September Year 3 Parents 2.15pm

Thursday 15th July              Reserve Sports/Picnic Day

Friday 16th July                    Year 6 Leavers’ Event on school field – 9.30

Year 6 Leavers’ Party on school field – 1.00

Last day of term!



We must proceed cautiously, particularly with events which involve bringing parents onto the premises. I am sure you will understand that in order to keep everyone safe we must put the following in place over the coming weeks;


  • Some events will be strictly staggered through the day
  • Only one parent per family will be permitted to attend school events
  • The wearing of masks and social distancing will be essential for parents
  • Each class will travel on their own bus for trips
  • All trips will be to outdoor venues


Please follow any guidelines we give you as it would be such a pity to spoil the end of this school year through over-crowding of adults. Thank you!



The children are really looking forward to our end of term events but in the circumstances we must be extra careful to ensure everyone is safe. This means that we can only include children who follow instructions consistently. We will not hesitate to exclude children from trips and fun events if we do not feel confident that they will remain in their contact groups and follow staff instructions immediately and without question. Let’s hope we can include everyone and finish this difficult year on a positive note!


I will put all these events on the Schoop calendar for your convenience so that you receive timely reminders!


September Classes

We have now just about worked out our staffing structure for September and we will be letting you and your children know over the next couple of weeks who will be teaching which class in September.


I hope you are and your children are looking forward to these final few weeks of what has been a challenging year as much as we are! Thank you for your continued support during these strange times!


Yours faithfully

C M Hewitt





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