Summer Term Message from Mrs Hewitt – 20th April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

So today should have been the first day of the Summer Term and sadly it may still be quite some time before we are able to have the children back in school. 

The teachers have been working really hard to think of ways to keep the children learning and I have been really impressed with their creativity and positivity! I know they have been in touch with many of you by phone or through DoJo or email and they are really impressed with the way so many of you are coping with everything! 

Well done to all the families who have shown such amazing commitment to your children’s learning at this difficult time! I will now be keeping a close eye on all classes to see which children are taking part in learning activities. As a guide, I have asked teachers to expect the following minimum amount of working time for children each day from Monday to Friday;

Nursery, ISTF  and Reception                       At least two activities a day

Year 1 and Year 2                                              An hour of learning activities

Year 3 and 4                                                       An hour and a half of learning activities

Year 5 and 6                                                       Two hours of learning activities

JSTF                                                                     The teachers will advise each of you!

I know that many of our children will be keen to do more than the minimum and I will be looking out for the children who are working especially hard!!

Please go to your child’s  Class Page on this website to find out how your child’s class teacher will let you know about the learning activities.

Reading Books

From tomorrow (Tuesday) We are going to trial a ‘Book Drop‘ scheme to see how it goes. If you would like new reading books for your child and you are out and about for shopping or exercise you can drop off your child’s named book bag with their finished reading books in a box in the outside foyer. Someone will change your child’s books and replace them in the box ready for you to collect the next day.

If your child has completed written work which they would like their teacher to see, this could be dropped off at the same time. However, it may be a few days before you get it back as teachers are attending school on a rota.

As we need to maintain social distancing rules and don’t want to encourage anyone to make unnecessary journeys we will stop this scheme if we feel it s too risky. Please just drop off the book bag then leave straightway!

We all need to make the best of this time away from school. This is an opportunity for teachers to learn new ways of working, for children to develop their independence and for you all to spend quality time together as a family, hopefully while enjoying continued good weather!

There is always someone in school from Monday to Friday, so if you need us please call and we will try to help.

Best wishes

C M Hewitt





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