Here is the link to view our Year 6 Leavers’ film 2020.  A special goodbye present for all our wonderful pupils moving onto an exciting new chapter in their lives.

We are proud of each and every one of you!

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Please see the ‘Reopening Messages from Mrs Hewitt’ Page for a message about September opening, from the Director of Education


26th June Update! RETURN TO SCHOOL VIDEO! Please click on the ‘School Reopening Messages from the Head Teacher Mrs Hewitt’page above to find out more about what to do when you return to school!

22nd June 5pm – A further update from the Director of Education BELOW!

Please check the ‘School Reopening Messages from the Head Teacher Mrs Hewitt’ page tomorrow for how the decision given below, to close Swansea schools on 17th July will affect us. As always, we will do our best for our children in these changed circumstances. 

Dear Parents/Carers
It is now over two weeks since my last letter to you all and I wanted to provide you with a
quick update on the current position here in Swansea. As you are all aware our schools
are pulling out all the stops to plan for the safe return of learners for ‘Check in, Catch up
and Prepare’ sessions.
There will be different approaches across our schools based on a lot of different factors.
Each school has been carrying out risk assessments to help them identify the approach
that is right in your child’s school.
However, we have agreed a number of key principles with our headteachers to ensure
that wherever possible there is consistency.
We also want to stress the arrangements we are putting in place will not mean a return
to school and classroom education as we know it. Due to the restrictions on the numbers
that can attend at any one time, the days/sessions your child can attend will be limited.
All children, where possible, will be offered a few visits to school in the now three-week
period between 29 June and 17 July. Each school risk assessment will determine how
often this can take place.
We would like to highlight the following key points:
The last day of this school term for pupils in Swansea schools will now be Friday 17 July as originally planned. There has been no national agreement with the trade unions for the planned additional week and to ensure consistency across our schools and in line with a large number of other local authorities we will close for the summer on 17 July.
 In line with Welsh Government expectations, childcare remains our top priority
and the demand for emergency childcare in each school will influence their
capacity to provide check in, catch up and prepare sessions.
22 June 2020
 Childcare for our key workers will be offered between 8:30am and 3:30pm at
every school, 5 days a week. Opening hours can be extended (if needed) by
short periods of time at the beginning and end of the day, to facilitate drop off and
collection times. Please remember, only children of key workers and our most
vulnerable pupils can access this childcare and then only as a last resort.
 The local authority recognise that schools (following a detailed risk assessment)
might not to be able to offer nursery and reception children the opportunity to
check in and catch up before the summer holidays.
 Where possible, parents and carers should travel with their children to and from
school. Social distancing should be maintained on the journey to and from school.
 The council’s Transport Team is working with schools and childcare settings to
determine the demand for home to school transport for eligible pupils and will
endeavour to meet these requirements.
 All children will need to bring their own packed lunch to school, unless a school
offers half day sessions where no lunch at school is required.
 All children will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly with soap and water
throughout the day/session. Hand sanitizer will also be available.
 Wherever possible, all pupils should have contact with their current and next
school year’s class teachers/form teachers when they attend their school. It is
possible that this contact might be online. There will also be at least an online
opportunity for transition between primary and secondary schools.
 As well as a thorough daily clean, a “clean as you go” process will be deployed in
all schools to minimise the risk of cross contamination and transmission of
We know you will still have a number of questions which may be specific to your child or
your child’s school. Please be reassured your child’s school will be providing you with a
lot more detail between now and 29 June and our frequently asked questions (FAQs)
have been updated Please
take a look at these first. If they do not address your questions, please contact your
child’s school or you can email us at
If you would like to speak to someone in a language other than English/Welsh, please
email with your phone number and the name of the language.
The safety of our children and staff remains our top priority and this will not change. For
those who feel the time is not right for their children to attend school then attendance is
not compulsory and parents/carers will not risk fines. Thank you for your continued
Yours sincerely
Nick Williams
Director of Education




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to Check In, Catch Up and Prepare! 

Dear Parents and Carers

How is a Safe Return to School being Organised?

Very soon you should receive a message from your child’s class teacher inviting your child in to school on certain dates this term. As I have said before we would like to see all children in school for three days with an additional ‘Farewell’ Day for Year 6!

In order to keep your children very safe and to ensure that they have a calm and personalised welcome back to school, we have taken quite a cautious approach to the return to school. We have arranged for low numbers of children to attend on each day so that groups can be kept apart without having to mix in corridors, toilet areas and cloakrooms. There will be between 4 and 9 children in a class group each day, with only half the classes attending.

We have tried to organise for siblings to attend on the same day but this has not been possible for all families and we’re really sorry about this. If part time attendance in school was to continue in the longer term we know that we would need to ensure that siblings attend on the same day.

As you will see from the message from your child’s teacher, start and finish times will be staggered as will break and lunch times. This will ensure that different groups of children don’t need to mix.

If you have told us you are currently ‘undecided’ would you please contact your child’s class teacher to confirm if you would like your child to attend, by FRIDAY 19th June. This is your personal decision and you will not be penalised if you decide against sending your child to school this term. Home Learning tasks will still be given.

Preparing Children for their Visits to School

Next week I will be making a video for the school website which will explain all the little changes  we have made to the school premises and routines. This should help your children to know what to expect and also to help you to know how to prepare them. In the meantime, would you please help to prepare them to keep safe, as follows;

  • Practise hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water
  • Ensure your child knows how to catch a sneeze in a tissue or in the crook of their arm
  • Practise estimating a 2 metre distance!
  • Assure your child that they will be returning to their familiar classroom with familiar staff whose main priority is children’s well-being

What Safety Measures are in Place?

We have developed a very detailed Operational Plan, accompanied by a Risk Assessment which will be finalised with Governors tomorrow. Here is a summary of some of the important measures we will be putting in place;

  • Small numbers of pupils and limited numbers of staff in school each day in order to minimise contacts
  • Classes cleared, cleaned thoroughly and set out to give children enough space to socially distance
  • No sharing of resources – everyone provided with their own pencils, rubbers, etc
  • Groups kept apart from other class groups
  • Staggered arrivals, departures, breaks, lunches and toilet visits
  • Regular disinfecting of surfaces and hand washing with anti-bacterial soap
  • Hand sanitiser on arrival and departure
  • Doors and gates propped open to limit touching
  • Social distancing to be monitored by staff in classrooms and corridors
  • PPE to be used by staff providing first aid or intimate care
  • School cleaned throughout the day

Other Precautions

Parents will be asked, on arrival, to confirm that no one in their household is  COVID19 symptomatic and that their child doesn’t have a temperature.

If any child or member of staff appears to have symptoms they will be immediately taken to a designated isolation room from where they will need to be collected to go home.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

All children, including those entitled to Free School Meals and those in Emergency Childcare will need to bring a packed lunch, a drinks bottle and fruit snacks. To minimise the risk of cross-infection, no food will be prepared on school premises.

Emergency Childcare will still be available to those who already access this, from 8.30 – 3.30. This will take place in the gym building, the group being kept separate from other groups.

Neither children nor adults are required to wear a face covering on school premises but should maintain social distancing at all times. Masks are not recommended for children as they can easily become dirty through constant handling. However, if you choose to give your child a face covering, this is for you to decide.

In order to have as few contacts as possible, we ask that Key stage 2 (junior) parents hand children over at the gates, where a member of staff will be there to greet you.

To help with social distancing there will be four different entrances to school for you to use;

  • Main front gate
  • St David’s Close gate
  • Junior Yard gate
  • Field gate

I hope this is enough information for you for now!  I will be sending you a final update next week as I am sure there will be many more things I need to tell you! 

Staff here are extremely busy preparing classrooms for the children’s return and are very excited about seeing them again! May I assure you that despite all the rules, changes and worries, I do feel that we can welcome every one of your children back in a way that is safe, secure and reassuring.

Warm wishes,

C M Hewitt

For SCHOOL CLOSURE and SCHOOL RE-OPENING MESSAGES please click on the ‘School Closure Message from the Head teacher  Mrs Hewitt’ page above.


Directors’Letter to Parents

Head Teacher’s Welcome – Croeso Pennaeth

Welcome to Tre Uchaf’s website. We hope you find our website interesting, informative and thought provoking. Here in Tre Uchaf we aim to be a positive, inclusive and listening school.


  • Optimistic about what our pupils can achieve
  • Focusing on the good qualities of all members of our community; pupils, parents, staff, visitors
  • Having a ‘can do’ attitude, even when we face challenges


  • Welcoming to pupils of all abilities and from all backgrounds
  • Teaching our pupils to embrace diversity
  • Valuing the contribution of all pupils, parents, staff and visitors


  • Actively seeking the views of pupils, parents, staff and the wider community
  • Supporting all members of our school community when they need someone to talk to
  • Acting upon advice, suggestions and concerns

If you already have a child in Tre Uchaf may I remind you that I will always try to make myself available to speak to you either in person or by phone. If you are interested in finding out more about Tre Uchaf please call us and we can arrange to show you around.

Thank you for visiting our website! Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Christine Hewitt


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