Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!    Welcome to Year 6

Friday 12th February


Hi all, please from now on can you access your daily class info and activities through the YEAR 6 NEW page in the menu and not here (it’s become too full to cope with any more posts 🙂 Thanks.  

You can also get straight there quickly by just googling ‘Tre Uchaf Year 6 new’

Thursday 11th February Dydd Iau Chwefror 11

Web page experiencing technical problems today and yesterday, Hwb are in the process of fixing this. Today’s and yesterday’s tasks can be found in your shared files on J2E.

Wednesday 10th February      Dydd Mercher  Chwefror 10

Bore da pawb!

Over the next two days we will be learning all about 2D shapes and their properties and in Science, we’ll be observing, exploring and even making Blood.  We will be learning about blood’s composition (what it’s made of) and investigating the different blood groups.


Task 1:    2D Shapes – Properties of Quadrilaterals

My Video link here:

continued in this video – watch this carefully:

…and continued in this last video (sorry, five minutes isn’t very long to explain Maths concepts):


Have a play around with interactive quadrilaterals yourself here:

Link to online, interactive games for sorting and classifying quadrilaterals:

More challenging:

Science tasks and video to follow in mid-morning update.  This should give you a chance to really focus on the Maths task this morning – remember, if you finish, there may be Quests on Mathletics to catch up with – have a check and see you at ten for the UPDATE 🙂

Tuesday 9th February

Good Morning Year 6!

Please watch this video first…

Today is Safer Internet Day! The theme this year is: Exploring Reliability in the online world.  Why do you think this is such an important theme?

Don’t forget you have a Teams Meeting today at either 2 pm or 2.30 pm!

Task One: Watch the video using the link below.  After watching the video, can you think of three things you have learnt, two questions you would like answered after watching it and one thing you already knew. I will look forward to have a discussion about this in our Teams Meeting later!

Task Two: Jargon Buster Vocabulary Task

Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Jargon Buster’.  Have you have seen or heard any of the words listed on the left before? If so, where did you see/hear them? Do you know what they mean?

Have a go at matching each word to their definition.  We can go through the answers during our Teams Meeting later.

Task Three: Creative Poetry Challenge!

It was an absolute joy to hear you all read your shape poems last week.  Did you know that Valentine’s Day is on Sunday? Your challenge is to write an acrostic poem (or any form of poem) about: love, friendship, happiness, etc.  You could give it to someone that you care about (E.g. Your parent, carer, sibling, grandparents, friend etc.) Think how happy it would make them! Try and use some similes, metaphors or personification. Challenge: Could you use all 3? You can of course write more than one poem if you wish.  You could even write your own collection of poems.

Task Four: If you have time, then you can also complete your Mathletics quest!

Don’t forget to email me at: if you need any help!

Looking forward to seeing you all later!

Mrs Davies x


Monday 8th February

Good Morning Year 6! Happy Monday!

Please watch this video first…

There will be a Teams Meeting tomorrow at EITHER 2 pm or 2.30 pm.  It is my highlight of the week seeing and hearing you all! We are splitting the class in two like last week. I will be sending out an invite to your HWB email account later, so make sure you check what time you have been given. I am so looking forward to seeing you all! Please be prompt so that we can start our meetings on time!

Task one: Reading and Understanding the Features of Biography

Watch the video which explains the differences between a biography and an autobiography.  (Please note: You DON’T need to write an autobiography, I just want you to have a listen to the video and learn about the similarities and differences between them.)

Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Biography Example’.  It is a biography about the famous Olympian Diver Tom Daly.  A biography is when someone writes a text about someone else’s life.  Read this biography and think about what you learnt about Tom Daly and his life.

What do you think are the kinds of things people would like to find out about when they read a biography? Think of as many things as you can. You can answer this question in the form of a mind-map or a list of bullet points.

Task Two: Research Fact File about Dr William Harvey. Dr William Harvey was an English doctor who discovered how blood travels around the body. 

Watch this video which tells you who about Dr William Harvey and why he is famous.

Next, have a read of this…

Look at the File I have shared with you on HWB called, ‘Dr William Harvey research’. Using what you have learnt from the video and research, I would like you to complete the fact file about Dr William Harvey’s life. Please make sure you share this finished work with me as you will need this work for next term.

Task Three: If you have time, then you can complete the Mathletics quest which has been set for you.

Don’t forget to email me at: if you need any help!

Have a great day and PLEASE REMEMBER TO SHARE your work with me.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs Davies x


Fantastic Flexi Friday the Fifth of Feb!

Just a quick link to today’s Seren Y Wythnos Assembly  – It could be YOUR week!


Below is last week’s video explaining Flexi Fridays for anyone who missed it.  I look forward to seeing you all at today’s Teams meetings, either 10am or 2:30pm .  

Please have a hard book and a blank piece of paper with you for a game (or a whiteboard if you have one).  Also, be prepared to talk about what you are using your Flexi Fridays for, e.g. catch up, special interests/hobbies etc.  

Also, have your shed designs with you to show everyone your awesome sheds, all about you.  Can’t wait to see you all.

Mr Civil

Hello Lovely Year 6

I have shared the next installments of Pig Heart Boy along with this weeks quiz which is on animals and dinosaurs this week.

Enjoy listening to the next part of the story , have a great flexi Friday and a good weekend.

Stay safe.

Mrs Tench x

Thursday 4th February                        Dydd Iau Chwefror 4

TASK 1:             PSE

Watch the following 2 videos explaining today’s special task.

ME Shed 1

ME Shed 2

TASK 2:        Numeracy      Data Handling

Watch the following 2 videos explaining your second very special task.

Maths 1

Maths 2

Remember the social distancing rules mentioned in yesterday’s update regarding going to school to collect your envelope.  Be safe!

Quick Wednesday update people!

OK, well done to everyone who has shared their work with me so far today – keep it all coming!  There is a white envelope for each of you waiting outside the main school doors (where the book drop off is).

You’ll need the contents of these envelopes in order to complete tomorrow’s Data Handling task. 

Please come into school to collect one (only one per pupil). 

Obviously with social distancing rules, try to avoid coming in at the same time as anybody else and make sure, if there is another pupil making the collection, then stay at least 2 metres apart at all times.   Do not come up as a group, some of you may be allowed to pick this up by yourself but make sure you have permission from your parents.  Alternatively, use it as a great excuse to get your daily exercise with your parents/carer (and maybe even the family dog).  

You will need to collect this before completing tomorrow’s tasks.

Have fun!

Wednesday 3rd February  Dydd Mercher Chwefror 3

Morning all, let’s get warmed up  with a game of Bingo!

Keep up your fractions practice and work on matching those equivalent (equal) fractions.  If you need to, play the ‘Regular’ game and use the pictures to help you – work your way up to the Challenge Game with no pictures.  Play at least 5 rounds using the middle sized grid.  Pob Luc!

Now, tomorrow, you’ll have some post to collect at school.  This will be for a special Maths challenge but we have some  skills to work on before we can tackle tomorrow’s challenge. 

It’s a bit of Data Handling today.  Watch the video first then complete the activity sheet shared with you on J2Files.

Data Handling:  Mode, Median, Range and Mean

Watch these two 5 minute explanatory videos on today’s learning objective:

Task 2:  Children’s Mental Health Week

Follow the link below to learn about 5 techniques for developing mindfulness.  Watch the short videos and decide which of the techniques you will try today.  Choose at least one to actually have a go at before moving onto one of the fun activities, suggested at the bottom of the page (if you have access to a printer you could try the mindful colouring in).

Please find and start to fill in the copy of a Mindfulness Diary document in your shared files.  Read the example I’ve given you before choosing your own meditation and fun activity to try today.   Enjoy!  Let me know how you get on.

You can also find 10 other great ways to exercise mindfulness at the following web page:

Hi Year 6!

I have shared some more of Pig Heart Boy with you, it is starting to get to an important part so enjoy listening. See you all later in our meetings.

Mrs Tench x

Tuesday 2nd February

Good Morning Year 6!

Please watch this video first!

Don’t forget our Teams Meeting is today at EITHER 2 pm or 2.30 pm. I am so looking forward to see you all later!

Task one

Shape Poem is a poem that is shaped like the thing it describes. The shape adds to the meaning of the poem. Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Shape Poem Examples’.  Read the poems and think about how the shape of the poem gives meaning.

  Can you find any other examples of shape poems that you would like to share with me?

Watch the following video where Pie Corbett gives some tips about Shape Poetry.

Task Two: Write a shape poem about the Heart or Blood

How could a poem be shaped when writing about the blood or heart? What themes could you write about? E.g. Love, heartbreak or a poem about the function of the heart.

Top Tips/Success Criteria!

  • Draw the outline of your chosen shape in light pencil. Once you have written your poem then rub the line out.
  • A shape poem does not need to rhyme but it does need to make sense!
  • Use your brilliant glossaries from last week to help you.
  • Try to include a Simile, Metaphor or Personification. Challenge: Can you include an example of all 3?

Please write your poems on paper!

I would like you to share your poems during our Teams Meeting at  2pm or 2.30pm today!

Challenge: Can you write a shape poem about yourself? Remember it is Children’s Mental Health Week this week and it is all about Expressing yourselves! Draw the outline of yourself and let your creativity take over!

Task Three: It is important that you have a bit of Maths everyday so complete the Mathletics quest which has been set for you.

Don’t forget to email me at: if you need any help!

Have a great day and PLEASE REMEMBER TO SHARE your work with me.

See you later!

Mrs Davies x


Monday 1st February

Bore da Blwyddyn 6!

Please watch this video first…


There will be a Teams Meeting tomorrow at EITHER 2pm or 2.30pm.  We are splitting the class in two. I will be sending out an invite to your HWB email account later, so make sure you check what time you have been given. I am so looking forward to seeing you all! Please be prompt so that we can start our meetings on time!

Firstly, remember to think about how you are great! 


Task One: Healthy Eating Reading Task

Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Healthy Eating’.  Read the text carefully and answer the questions that follow.Unfortunately, you can’t write on the document so you can either write you answers on paper and take a photo to share with me OR write your answers on a HWB document and share it with me.



  1. It helps to show what types of food a healthy plateful can be made from.

Task Two: Similes, Metaphors and Personification

Tomorrow we are going to write some Shape poetry in the form of a Heart/something Heart related.  I am so excited for this, as I know how creative you all are! Therefore today, I want you to look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called, ‘Similes, Metaphors and Personification’.  I want you to complete all the tasks on there and then share it with me when you are finished.  I can’t wait to see all your examples!

Task Three: It is important that you have a bit of Maths everyday so complete the Mathletics quest which has been set for you.

Don’t forget to email me at: if you need any help!

Have a great day and PLEASE REMEMBER TO SHARE your work with me.

Mrs Davies x




Morning Year 6

I have shared this weeks quiz with you and some more of Pig Heart Boy.  Please remember to share your Quiz answers with me so I know if you have entered. Share them on hwb or email them to me

Enjoy your day and the weekend, stay safe.

Mrs Tench x


Here’s a link to the video going through some of the Maths sheet answers from yesterday.  If you haven’t done it yet – watch this now and we’ll go through it together 🙂



Friday 29th January

Hi Year 6, hopefully you’ve received your invites to today’s Teams meeting.  We’ll be doing half a class at a time so that it gives you a chance to really catch up with each other, Mrs Tench and myself.  Your invite will either be for the 10am meeting or the 2:30pm meeting.

I’ll post a special support video later on to go over the Maths worksheet from yesterday.  This was a tricky concept and so don’t panic if you’re not quite there yet but we do need to get the hang of these skills so please watch the video (I’ll post this between  Teams meetings) and complete the sheet with me.   

Watch this short video explaining all about Flexi Fridays.

Link to Well Being questionnaire to follow:


Update                 Numeracy                  Part 1

 Numeracy Part 2

Numeracy Part 3

Here’s a helpful link to a video on You Tube that goes over this again – WATCH if unsure – it’s a hoot! 🙂 

Worksheet shared with you in J2Files – complete and share with me – diolch!!!

Thursday 28th January

Good morning everyone, hope you are all very well indeed. 

I’ll let the videos do all the explaining but first I must tell you to keep an eye on this page throughout the day as I will update it with new tasks. 

Here are your first two, but there will be two more to come (but have no fear, you will have until tomorrow to finish these and share them with me).

Task 1       Humanities/Well being


Task 2     Science (Part 1)


Mrs Tench update

Morning Year 6 I have uploaded and shared  the next few parts of  Pig Heart Boy for you to listen to on Hwb.

I will be posting another quiz on Friday which I will share on Hwb with you.  Can you please make sure you share your entries with me as I was looking through your work and came across a few of your quizzes that you hadn’t shared with me.  This is a task you need to share with me or I won’t know you have entered.  You can also email it to me at .  If you need any help I’m also available on this address.

Have a good day. Stay safe and keep up with your home learning.

Mrs Tench x

Wednesday 27th January

Good Morning Year 6.  On the 27th January, the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day.

Please watch this video first…

Task One: Anne Frank Memorial Task: We learnt quite a lot about the incredible life of Anne Frank in her own words during our World War Two Topic. I feel it is only right on Holocaust Memorial Day that we honour her memory.  I thought we could do this by writing her a short letter, a short song, or you could record a few words on HWB and share it with me. If you had the opportunity for Anne to read your letter or hear your voice, then what would you want to say to her? What would you want her to know about life in 2021? What would you like to tell her that she taught us? E.g. Hope during hardship, the importance of having dreams/ambitions, courage, never give up etc. Are there any questions that you would want to ask her about her time in hiding or in Auschwitz? OR you could write an acrostic poem about Anne Frank and her life. I want to leave this task as open as possible so that you can choose to honour her memory and acknowledge Holocaust Memorial Day in a way you would like.

You can read and watch this Newsround story which will remind you about Anne’s life and legacy.

Task Two: Blood Heart Vocabulary Challenge

Use a thesaurus or the internet to help you do the following:

  1. Find as many different words as you can for the colour red/different shades of red.
  2. Find as many interesting verbs to describe the movement of blood around the body as you can. E.g. Trickle, surge, flow etc
  3. Think of as many Heart words as you can. E.g. Pulse, beat, pump etc
  4. Create a glossary of specialist vocabulary relating to the blood and heart. E.g. Veins, arteries, vessels, blood pressure, circulation.

You can record this on a document on HWB with the title ‘Blood Heart Key Vocabulary’ OR you can do it on paper and take a photo of it to share with me.  Please keep it safe as you will need it for a task next week.

Task Three: It is important that you have a bit of Maths everyday so complete the Mathletics assignment/quest which has been set for you.

Have a great day and PLEASE SHARE your work with me.

Don’t forget to email me at: if you need any help!

Mrs Davies x

Tuesday 26th January

Bore da Blywyddyn 6! Please thank your Parents/Carers for completing the questionnaire through the link I posted yesterday. 

Please watch this video first…

Year 6- please can you click on the link below and complete the questionnaire so that we know how you are! We look forward to hearing from you.

Task one: Reading Skills Comprehension.  Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ’Reading Comprehension Year 6 26th Jan’.  Read the text SLOWLY and CAREFULLY and at least twice. Once you have done this, you can answer the questions in full sentences.

Task Two: Design a leaflet which informs and advises Year 6 Children about how important it is to keep their heart healthy.

Please continue to work on this today.  Hopefully, they will be finished by today and you can share them with me.

Task Three: Punctuation Quiz

Click onto the link to complete the punctuation quiz.  Please make sure your leaflet has perfect punctuation!

Task 4: It is important that you have a bit of Maths everyday so complete the Mathletics assignment/quest which has been set for you.

Have a great day and PLEASE SHARE your work with me.

Don’t forget to email me at: if you need any help!

Mrs Davies x


Year 6 please get your Parents/Carers to complete the form below today. It would really help us.  Thank you so much to those of you who have completed it! Mrs Davies.



Morning Year 6. I have shared the next part of Pig Heart Boy with you on Hwb.  Well done to all of you who entered the quiz on Friday.

Mrs Tench x

Monday 25th January

Happy Monday Year 6! I wonder if any of you were lucky enough to enjoy some snow yesterday! I certainly did!

Please watch this video first!

Task One: Understanding the features of an Informative Leaflet.

Watch the short clip first…

Next, I want you to look at the file I have shared with you on Hwb called leaflet example.  Have a good read through it. Can you find:

  • An eye-catching title
  • Subheadings
  • Bullet points
  • Small clear paragraphs
  • A website/logo of the company
  • Facts and advice
  • Rhetorical question, rule of 3 and imperatives (e.g. Don’t)

Once you have done this, please watch this next clip!

Task Two: Design a leaflet which informs and advises Year 6 Children about how important it is to keep their heart healthy.

Imagine you work for a charity called Love Your Heart. Using your brilliant research from last week about how to keep your healthy, you must design an interesting and informative leaflet which advises Year 6 children about the importance of keeping your heart healthy.

You must look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Success Criteria for My Informative Leaflet’.  You must make sure you have included all of these features and you can put a Y for Yes in the column when you have included it.

I am going to give you until Wednesday to finish this leaflet so PLEASE do NOT rush it.  I want it to be of an excellent quality and this will take more time. I would like you to do this leaflet on paper and take a photo of it when you have finished.  Please keep it safe as I will want you to bring it to school when we return.

Task Three:

Happy Dydd Santes Dwynwen! (St Dwynwen’s day!) Did you know that today is the Welsh equivalent to Valentine’s day and is celebrated on the 25th January every year? Look at the file I have shared with you Hwb called ‘Design a love Spoon’ and use this information to design and draw your own Love spoon! Please take a picture of it and then share with me! I would love to see your designs. 

Please watch  and enjoy the wonderful Mrs Hicks telling the story of Santes Dwynwen!

Have a great day and don’t forget to email me at: if you need any help!

Mrs Davies x


Hi Year 6, I have shared our 1st weekly quiz with you on Hwb.  Don’t forget I will keep a record of all quiz entries and at the end a prize will be awarded.

I look forward to receiving your entries please share them with me on Hwb or on my email

Good Luck.

Mrs Tench

Friday 22nd January

Bore da Blywyddyn 6! Happy Flexi Friday!

Please watch this video message first!

Please can you ask your parent/carer to click on the link below and complete the form.  It would be really helpful to us! Thank you!

Having Flex-Friday at Tre Uchaf means that you have an important opportunity to catch up on any work from this week or learn a new skill like cooking a meal that will keep your heart healthy!

 I have also shared a file with you on HWB called Guided Reading Activities which is a reminder of all the things we used to do during our Guided Reading on a Monday afternoon.  They are activities that you can complete in your own time, in order to make sure that you are keeping on top of your reading.  You had all made such great progress on your reading last term, so we want to keep this up! There is no need to share any of this work with me (unless you particularly want to show me something).  It is for you to get on with independently.  However, I would love for some of you to share/recommend any books you are reading during our weekly Live Teams Meeting catch-up.

Please catch up with the research task if you didn’t get to finish it yesterday.  You will need this work to help you for our task on Monday!

As always, email me at if you need any help!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Davies x


Hi Year 6, Next part of Pig Heart Boy. Enjoy. Have a good day. Mrs Tench

Thursday 21st January

Good Morning Year 6! Please watch this video first!

Task one: The Human Circulatory System Quiz

Click on the link below and have a go at the quiz to see how much you can remember from the video Mr Civil sent you about The Circulatory System. Enjoy!

(If the link doesn’t work then please copy and paste into google!)

Task Two:  IT Research Task: How to Keep your Heart Healthy

Did you know that in the UK, more people die from coronary heart disease than anything else?

I want you to research the ways that we can all keep our heart healthy E.g.

  • Exercise (Find examples of different exercises/how much exercise we should do)
  • A Healthy Diet (Find out what food is good for our heart and other foods which are not)
  • Smoking (Find facts about the dangers of smoking and the damage it can do to our bodies

What other ways are there to keep our heart healthy? Try and find out some other ideas.

There are two websites here for you to look at but feel free to look at other Heart Charity websites.  I would also like you to find out any cool facts about your heart.  E.g. How much does a human heart weigh? How often does a human heart beat per minute?

You will need to keep this research ready for a task on Monday. You can either record your research on a mind-map and take a photo to send to me or on a document on HWB and share it with me.

Heart UK Charity

The British Heart Foundation

(Again Year 6 if the links don’t work then please copy and paste into google)

Task Three- I have set two assignments on Reading Eggs: one reading and one spelling assignment.  I want you to complete one of these assignments today.  I am disappointed to see that not everybody is completing their Reading Eggs assignments at the moment.  A HUGE well done to those of you who are! Please email me today at: if you need a gentle reminder of your login details.  You had all made such great progress with your reading and we need to keep this up!

Have a great day! Please remember to email me and NOT Mr Civil.  He may be a little while getting back to you about any work you have shared recently so please be patient about that.

Have a great day!

Mrs Davies x



Fruit Splat link:

Wednesday 20th January

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well!  Really great to see that nearly all of you have managed to login to and complete all your quests on Mathletics – keep up the efforts!  If you’re one of the small few who haven’t yet, then please remember to do this today and don’t hesitate to e mail or message me for any support.

Task 1                 Numeracy

Here’s a quick video about today’s fractions work. Watch it all before having a go at the Fruit Splat game (link below).

Next up, it’s time to prove you can do this skill.  so login to Mathletics and complete the 2 or 3 Quests I have assigned to you for today.   Be extra careful to read the questions and check the symbols (whether they are add or subtract…or both in one sum).

Next go to this website and complete the Quiz, watch the film and play the game at the bottom – especially the bit in Fractions Forest!  Study this revision guide as you’ll need to revise equivalent fractions before we move on to tomorrow’s work.

Task 2                       Science

I was so impressed with all your interesting and scientific presentations on the Heart last week.  I loved hearing your voices and seeing how you’d used pictures, fun facts and own style to engage the audience (me). 

Soooooo… I’ve decided to set you the same exact task but for the video below.  It’s full of interesting and important facts about the Circulatory System.  Please only summarise the important facts an info (not the jokes etc.) and keep it to no less and no more than 5 pages.

Have fun with it, let me have it by Friday at the latest thanks. 



Year 6 Here is the next part of Pig Heart Boy.  Next installment tomorrow.

Mrs Tench

Tuesday 19th January

Good Morning Year 6!

Please watch this video first!


Don’t forget we have a LIVE Teams Meeting at 2pm today.  Invitations will be sent out to your HWB email addresses. I cannot wait so see you all and I am looking forward to hearing your opinions about the work you have done today!

Task one: The Use of Animals in Medical Research.  Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Task One The Use of Animals in Medical Research’. You must decide whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with the statements and give at least one reason explaining WHY you agree or disagree with them. Think about the fictional character of Cam from Pig Heart Boy to justify your opinions.

Task Two: You must read the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Task Two Animal Testing Information’. You must then answer the following questions in Full and detailed sentences.

  1. What are the main reasons animals are tested on?
  2. What alternatives to animal testing does the article give?
  3. What is your opinion about Animal Testing? Do you agree or disagree that Animal Testing is important? Please explain your answer in detail. PLEASE TRY AND ATTEMPT THE RULE OF 3 CHALLENGE!

Task Three: It is important that you have a bit of Maths everyday so complete the Mathletics assignment/quest which has been set for you.

I will look forward to hearing all your opinions about this during our LIVE Teams Meeting later. This could turn into a bit of a debate!

See you at 2pm!

Mrs Davies x



Monday 18th January

Good Morning Year 6! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Please read my instructions on here and then watch the video underneath!


I would like us to have a Live Teams meeting tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday 19th January). Invites will be sent to your HWB email accounts. I will also send a text out to your parents/carers today to tell them about it.

Task One: Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called Proof Reading and Editing Task’. Some of you may recognise some of this work! Even though some brilliant work was shared with me last week, I was a little bit disappointed that some of you hadn’t read through your work checking for punctuation (capital letters, full stops, apostrophes etc), spelling and grammatical errors. I look forward to seeing how many errors you can identify and correct!

Task Two: Reading and Empathy Task

Read Chapter 3 of Pig Heart Boy and then complete the ‘Empathy Task’ that I have shared with you on HWB.


Task Three: It is important that you have a bit of Maths everyday so complete the Mathletics assignment/quest which has been set for you.

Have a great day and don’t forget to email me if you need any help at all today at:

Mrs Davies x

Friday Update


Task 2:                  Science (as promised)




Bore da pawb!  Lovely to see you all yesterday and lots of lovely work still flooding in.  Some people still not Sharing though and I won’t be able to feedback to you or know you’ve completed tasks until you do so press that little share button and add ‘Mr Civil’ 🙂

Task 1                Maths and Numeracy

Watch the following videos in order to see what I would like you to achieve today.

If you finish this by 10 O clock this morning then here’s an Algebra Challenge for you – follow the link but don’t write or edit the sheet, just have a go and see if you can solve all the puzzles.

Algebra Puzzle Grids


Thursday the 14th January

TASK 1                  Maths and Numeracy 

Find your worksheet in J2E shared files as usual.  Remember to share your completed work with me …Mr Civil 🙂

TASK 2               WEEKLY WONDERS

Each week you’ll be given a creation to look at, listen to, watch, read and explore.  Accompanying it, will be a set of prompts or questions which I’d like you to think about and answer.  Even though there are no wrong answers, I am expecting you to think openly and to push yourself, thinking as deeply as you can when giving responses.  Above all, feel free to explore any of the paintings, artists, compositions, musicians etc.  in much more detail, in your own way and time.


See the source image

                     Banksy                                  Girl with Heart Balloon

Use the file I’ve shared with you in J2E files when you do the actual task and edit the question sheet.

Below is a link to have a quick view of the task but don’t edit this one.


TASK 3                         READING EGGS   

Also… Don’t forget, class meeting today at 3pm on Microsoft Teams, invites will be sent out to your Hwb e-mails today.

Mr Civil

Update:  Teams Meeting will now take place tomorrow (Thursday 14th January ). Just gives people a bit longer to return the consent and read through all the following guidance.

Microsoft TEAMS Guidance and Expectations for Students

Invites to this meeting will be sent out to everyone who has returned the digital consent form (link to this can be found below).  Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Wednesday 13th January

Hello everyone.  Don’t panic! It looks like lots of videos …and it is…but they’re only very short.  Below is a Science task (in 3 parts)  Due in on Friday – two days for this one 😉

Science Task:

Link to the BBC Bitesize Heart video:




Maths/Numeracy Task:

There’s also a Reading Eggs task and, if you need to, finish off any leftover quests on Mathletics.

Look out for a Microsoft Teams invite to a LIVE meeting with myself, Mrs Davies and Mrs Tench – hope to see you all then !

Mr Civil

Tuesday 12th January Update

Please can you ask your parents/carers to click on the link and complete the form so that they consent to you having LIVE Meetings as a class.  Mr Civil and I can’t wait to see you all!


Tuesday 12th January

Happy Tuesday Year 6! Please watch this video first!

Task One: Chapter 2 of Pig Heart Boy is called ‘Ticking’ and I have shared it with you on HWB. Why do you think the author has given the chapter this title? What could ‘Ticking’ mean/represent? Think about the ideas that were present in Chapter 1 yesterday. I now want you to read Chapter 2 SLOWLY and CAREFULLY paying close attention to the characters of Cam and Marlon.

Task Two: Look at the files I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Cam Character Profile’ and ‘Marlon Character Profile’.  I want you to show off everything you have learnt about the characters of Cam and Marlon by completing these character profiles in detail. Please don’t forget to share your amazing work for this task with me on HWB.

Task Three: Complete the Mathletics assignment or the quests which has been set for you today. Have a look at the video Mr Civil posted on Friday which tells you how to access it and use it effectively.

Good luck and don’t forget to email me at: if you need any help at all!

Mrs Davies x


Monday 11th January

Good Morning Lovely Year 6! Please watch this video first!

Don’t forget to share all your work with me on HWB. Check out the cool video that Mr Civil put on our class page on Friday which will remind you how to do this. If you need any help at all today, then please email me at:

Task one: L/O: To be able to interpret meaning from an image and blurb.

I have shared a file with you called ‘Monday 11th January Pig Heart Boy Blurb & Front Cover’ in our class folder on HWB. I want you to write at least two paragraphs answering the question: What do you think the book will be about from based on the ideas from the front cover and the blurb? Use the sentence starters that I have shared with you to help you.

Task Two: Read Chapter 1 of Pig Heart Boy. (I have shared this on HWB with you!) This first chapter is called ‘Dying’. I would like you to write the answers to the following questions in FULL sentences:


  1. What do you think is happening in this chapter?
  2. Where is it set?
  3. What do you think is going on?
  4. What questions do you want answering after reading the first chapter? (I want at least 3 things you would like to find out about)

Task Three: Complete the Mathletics assignment which has been set for you today. Have a look at the video Mr Civil posted on Friday which tells you how to access it and use it effectively.

Have a great day! I look forward to hearing from you all!

Mrs Davies x






Final Friday Update 



Friday 8th January

The following videos aim to give you a better introduction to Mathletics, some of you may be familiar with Mathseeds already.  It’s a new teaching and learning tool aimed at all levels and abilities in order to develop Numeracy skills whether in the class or from home.

Here goes…

Just a quick link to a Well being questionnaire for individual pupils to complete.  we’d love it if you could try to answer the small number of questions and submit it by the end of tomorrow – thanks everyone.

Well being Questionnaire link: 

Thursday 7th January

Morning folks, what a lot of wonderful communication yesterday – thanks to everyone who got in touch via email or through the comment bubbles on shared work.  It’s so great to hear from you all and a real boost to see how motivated some of you are even in the face of ICT difficulties. 

Hwb was a little overwhelmed yesterday and I don’t blame it.  Well done to all who persevered and used their problem solving skills to get around it.  Fingers crossed for today!

Email is the easiest way to contact me and the address is  Please contact myself on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and Mrs Davies on Mondays and Tuesdays. Thanks.

Mission 1:                      Mathletics

Many of you who got in touch yesterday will have received your login details for Mathletics.  I’m afraid Doodle is no more!

Mathletics is part of the Reading Eggs Franchise and I will be setting assignments on here for you to complete .  There are 2 assignments on there for you to try today and otherwise, I’d like you to have an explore of all the games and other features on the site – enjoy!

Anyone who hasn’t already got their login details, simply send me an email and I’ll send the username and password directly back to you 🙂

Mission 2: 

There is also another Reading Eggs assignment for you to have a go at today.  Keep up the eggcellent efforts …sorry 🙁

Mission 3: 

Well, the party has had to be cancelled …again!  However, we can still finish off our WW2 topic by looking at the very end of the war and VE Day in particular.  I’ve shared a file with you all on J2E which has a few questions for you to answer after watching the following clip.  There are loads of great videos on this section of the BBC website so feel free to have an explore.  Enjoy!

(you may have to copy and paste the link into the search bar, as it sometimes doesn’t turn into a hyperlink).

Oh…and if you have time, please enjoy having a go at the Blob Opera experiment.  It can be found on at the following address and it’s AWESOME!!!  If you can, I would love to hear your recordings  – have fun…but be aware, it can be slightly addictive.







Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Pawb! Spring term is here! Welcome back 🙂

Morning all ! Hope you’re all well and safe.  Looking forward to hearing from each of you over the following three days, remember to leave comments and questions whenever you share anything with me or Mrs Davies and try to complete all of the activities we set you each day.

Here are our emails so that you can get in touch with us: 

Wednesday the 6th January

Mission 1:

It’s 2021 and I’ve shared a set of Maths questions with you on J2Files.  Do as many of the questions as you can on your own and then share it back with me asking for any help with tricky questions.  Duration:  30 mins to 1 Hour

Mission 2:  There is a Reading Eggs assignment waiting for you if you log in.  Duration:  30 mins

Mission 3:  Back to the theme of New Year – I’d like to know what your New Year’s Resolutions are.  These are hopes for the year ahead and promises that you make to yourself in order to be the best you can be in the year ahead. 

I’ve started writing mine as an acrostic poem using the letters from the word RESOLUTIONS down the left hand side – I’ll share this with you on J2Files also to give you an idea.  Duration: 1 Hour

 Nadolig Llawen! 

Links to view the ‘Tre Uchaf Christmas Movie 2020’ and our Makaton Carols have been emailed to all parent/carer email accounts registered with Squid. If you have not received this email via Squid, please contact your child’s class teacher via email or Dojo as soon as possible.

Our Christmas performances are intended to be viewed by pupils, families and staff only, so please do not share them via social media.


Thursday 17th December

Morning Year 6, hope you’re all well.  Just a quick update to remind you all that you can easily share any work you have done this week with us (Mr Civil and Mrs Davies). 

If it’s something on Hwb then sharing is straightforward but if you have your work in a different format, e.g. paper, model, picture, photo, then you can always use the Camera tool on J2E to snap it and share it that way. 

It’s been lovely to see some of the work already shared with us – many thanks for that! 

We will always enjoy viewing/reading and commenting on all your lovely work!

Only one week away from Christmas Eve!!!

Mr Civil

Monday 14th December

Morning Year 6!

Well done for getting here on this wet and windy Monday morning.  I’ve been through the list of Christmassy activities (copied below) with most of you on Friday.

Please aim to do 2 things from the list per day between now and Friday as well as keeping up with your Reading Eggs assignments and daily Doodling (your ‘x’ a day). There are Two READING assignments and Two SPELLING assignments that have been set on Reading Eggs. Try and complete one of these every day.

Have fun, stay cosy and safe and be as helpful as you can, while your at home these next few days.

Christmas Activity List for Week Beginning Monday 14th December

Below is a list of independent activities that will hopefully keep you busy but also give you the opportunity to be creative and get into the Christmas spirit.

  • Write a thoughtful letter to an older relative, spread Christmas cheer and show lots of interest in how they are and how they will be spending the holidays.
  • Design, plan and cook a special Christmas dish to share with your family.
  • Plan a fund raising idea to raise money for a homeless charity like Shelter or Crisis.
  • Invent a game (could be Christmas-themed) for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Make a list of things you really want to learn or achieve in the New Year. Remember to write a note to yourself and pack it away with the decorations for you to find next year – will you have achieved your goals?
  • Can you find out about Christmas in another country? How does it differ to Christmas in yours?
  • Can you make a Christmas tree out of something different? Lego? Plasticine? Driftwood? Leaves?
  • If you’re lucky enough to receive Christmas presents, write thank you notes and send them. Can you include something you loved about the gift as well as asking about the other person’s Christmas.
  • Can you write your own Christmas number one? Song, rap, duet?  You could perform it to your family!
  • Have a meal with your family and talk about your favourite memories from this year and the best things that happened to you. Think positive!
  • Birds can get very hungry this time of year. Can you make a festive bird feeder out of a milk carton, box or bottle and hang it outside? (Have a look online for some great and easy ideas).

Mr Civil, Mrs Davies and Mrs Tench

Year 6 World War Two Project

Your Home Learning mission over the next six weeks is to produce a project based on an aspect of World War Two that really interests you.

It’s important that you focus on one area or aspect of the war and don’t try to do a project on every aspect of WW2 (this is too big a subject and by zooming in on one particular aspect, you can include far more detail).

The following are some ideas for project themes:

  • The Homefront – daily life on the ground for ordinary women, men and children, how they coped with shortages, rationing and constant fear of air raids. Include titles such as Dig for Victory, Women and the Home Front, Air Raid Precautions, The Blackout, Factories, Songs, Recipes.
  • The Blitz! – Various types of air raid shelters, how they were built, what it was like inside them, types of bombs used in the war and the cities that sustained the most damage (Like Swansea, London and Coventry). You could research the different types of bombs used by both sides during the war or the damage caused to Germany, Japan and the other countries involved in the war on either side.
  • Military Focus – The various battles fought such as The Battle of Britain, D – Day, the numbers of people involved, the equipment used by armies and Navy. The types of tank used, you could look to the skies and compare the German Luftwaffe to the Royal Air Force of Britain. You could learn more about submarines (U-Boats) and imagine what it would be like to work on one during the war.  Watch ‘Das Boot’ for some inspiration.
  • You could do a biographical study or comparison – looking at the leaders from all the countries involved in the war. Winston Churchill, FD Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Hideki Tojo of Japan and Adolf Hitler for example.  You could include artistic portraits, fact files, details of their lives, famous speeches and interesting facts and statistics.

Whatever you choose as your focus, you must include the following:

  1. A bold and clear title page
  2. A contents page
  3. At least four different sections with Subheadings (mini titles of their own)
  4. A good mix of pictures, maps and paragraphs of information (in your best, neat handwriting), please do not copy and paste large chunks of information from the internet, a few clear sentences of your own to summarise is so much better.
  5. Different types of writing: from letters, scripts and interviews to fact files, poems or even stories.
  6. You could include a model – but you DON’T HAVE TO
  7. A reference page which tells the reader where you got all your information from e.g. which website, book, film or person (if lucky enough to have a relative who lived through the war).

Keep on top of your project! A small amount each week is much better than a last minute panic and a rushed bit of work.

Use the table below to keep a log of all your wonderful home learning.  Keep it in your Planner and bring this into school to share with your teachers every Monday and Thursday (So that you can share this and ask for support if needed via both Mrs Davies and Mr Civil).

Week beginning: What have I done? How could I make it even better?
22nd October

(Including Half Term)







29th October  






5th November  




12th November  






19th November  






26th November  






3rd December  






10th December Projects Due into school for Presenting in class J

Remember – you’re not alone!  As well as your friends and supportive family members, we are here to help in school too.  Let me, Mrs Davies and Mrs Tench know if you need access to any resources (books, paper, pens, websites, etc.), we will always try to help you with this in any way we can, as long as it’s not at the last minute. Have fun 🙂

Tuesday 6th October

Read/watch some examples of News Reports on the News-round website (like we do in Guided Reading) and complete the ‘Summarising a News Report’ Document that I have shared with you on Hwb. Make sure you answer the questions in full sentences.

IMPORTANT: This homework is due on Tuesday 13th October.

Wednesday 23rd September

Year 6- please complete your Homophones homework for Mrs Davies by Tuesday 29th September. I have shared the file with you on HWB but please ask me if you need a paper copy.

Wednesday 16th September

Today all the Year 6 pupils have been given a username and password for their very own Doodle account.  It is an award winning education tool which  I have asked your children to use daily.  Don’t worry, it’s designed to be used ‘little but often’ and will greatly benefit your child in English and Maths if used correctly.  I will also be asking pupils to complete occasional ‘Extras’ on there for homework from time to time.  

Below is a letter from the team at Doodle with links to support pages for parents and carers.   

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are pleased to let you know that we are now using DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish, the award-winning learning programmes, with your child’s class! You’ll find your child’s pass with their username and password attached.

Follow these steps to get started:

● Download the DoodleMaths, DoodleTables, DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell apps onto an Apple, Android or Amazon device

● Ask your child to sign in using the details on the slip given to them today (remember, it’s case sensitive!)

● Link your parent account by either asking your child to login to the app and tap on Grown Ups​ or, via ​​. Please follow the instructions in this link d-s-school-account

● Let your child work through their X-a-day exercise without any help – encourage them to do it independently, and if they’re really unsure, guess!

● Log in to ​​ with your Grown Ups username and password to see how your child is progressing

● Download the ​DoodleConnect​ app or log in to the ​Parent Dashboard​ to receive progress snapshot updates

● Doodle improves children’s confidence and ability in maths and English. Using the apps for just 10 minutes a day is proven to help children make three months of progress in just one month!

● The intelligent algorithm powering the apps learns what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are and builds a personalised work programme tailored around them

● It’s fun and engaging, with educational games, motivational collectables and regular nation-wide challenges and competitions to take part in!

Encourage your child to be within their target zone by earning their target number of stars per week.
If you have any questions, please visit ​​ or speak to the Doodle team by clicking on the chat icon on ​​.
Happy Doodling!

Mr Civil

Tuesday 8th September

Homework: Choose your favourite book and write a Book Review using the template that I have shared with you on HWB.  Please share this work with me on HWB by Tuesday 15th September.

Letters for our trip to the 1940’s Museum were given out today.  Please return the consent slips by Friday 18th September.  Payment for the trip will need to be made on Squid under the ‘Trip’ section.

Please remember to bring your reading books next Monday:)

Mrs Davies

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Welcome to our Year 6 class page! It is the responsibility of all of you to check this page regularly for any important messages, homework and this is where you would access your Home Learning in the unlikely event of another lockdown.

We have heard such wonderful things about you all from Mr Smith and we are so excited to support you all in your final year at Tre Uchaf Primary.

Our first topic is all about World War Two and we are planning to introduce you to this exciting topic by venturing out on our first school trip together on Tuesday 22nd September. You will all be given a letter on Tuesday 8th September, which will explain everything you need to know about the trip.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to bring your PE kit every THURSDAY.

You must bring a Reading Book (anything you enjoy/would like to read etc) every Monday and Tuesday.

Year 6 start school at 8.40am and finish at 2.50pm.

 We are looking forward to a great year with you all!

Mrs Davies, Mr Civil and Mrs Tench