Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!    Welcome to Year 6!

A Message from Penyrheol Comprehensive School! Your parents should have received a text about your visit.

Hello Year 6 learners at Treuchaf Primary School!

We would like to invite you to a Transition Event at Penyrheol Comprehensive School.

 When you arrive at the school you MUST sanitise your hands and meet in the canteen.  There will be staff there waiting for you.

During your time with us you will find out what form you are in and meet your form teacher as well as a few pupils from your form. You will also have a lesson with one of our teachers.

You may come wearing your own clothes and please bring something to write with.  There will be a 10 minute break, so if you wish to have a snack or a drink you must provide your own.  You will be in a group of no more than 8 pupils.

If you are unable to attend when invited, I’m afraid you will not be able to swap the session and it is very important that you arrive on time as we need to be strict with pupil numbers around the school. If you have  said that you would not like to attend, I have added you to a session just in case you change your mind; so you will see you name on this list with***!

We look forward to meeting you!

Mrs Sheaf

Primary Liaison Co-coordinator

Week beginning 29th June

Thursday the 2nd of June

Morning everyone! It’s been lovely getting to see some of you this week for a catch up and check in.  I know not everyone got a chance to come in to school for shielding reasons etc.

We are still thinking of you all and are here for you as much as ever so please don’t forget to contact us with any questions or anything else 🙂

Keep up the basics I talked about on Monday (Doodle, J2Blast and any Reading Eggs assignments) but also try to catch up with any worksheets in your shared files that you may not have done yet – very important for revision.

If you did attend school this week, you will have been given your booklets (I’ll post to those who have not been in).  In the Science booklet, I’d just like you all to look at the first exercise – accurately reading thermometers and answering the questions.  

Remember….find the ‘difference’ means you need to ‘take away’  (smaller number from the bigger number), so the difference between 2 and 11 is … 11 – 2 = 9 🙂 

Mrs Davies probably told you what you need to do in your English Booklets but if you’re not sure, just crack on with the first page of each.  Remember to email any queries to us via email.  Mine is below.

Can’t wait to see everyone else soon, but in the meantime – be amazing, helpful, positive and … tidy your room! 🙂

Mr Civil


Siwmae Pawb!!!

I hope all members of our cool Year 6 class are well and ready for the last few weeks as a Tre Uchaf pupil.  Keep up all the excellent efforts and stay positive.  We’ve lots of nice things prepared for you (and lots still being prepared).

This week school is reopening to many pupils and so the way we will be setting home learning is changing.  For Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we are asking all of you to complete your usual Doodle Maths ‘X a Day’ and any extras as well as your Reading Eggs assignments.  I would also like you to start regularly hitting J2Blast for at least 10 minutes a day to keep those tables nice and sharp.  It’s also quite a bit of fun, playing people from all over the country 🙂

When you come into school on your set days, we will issue you with a couple of booklets.  One from Mrs Davies and one from myself.  We’ll explain what to do with these when we see you but they are mainly Literacy and Science based activities to help you work on your skills in these areas.

If you are not returning to the school for check ins, then I will post your booklets to you and you can check on the web page from Thursday morning to find out exactly what we would like you to have a go at.

In the meantime, don’t forget that you can always email me on or Mrs Davies via her email if you have any queries or problems.

Thanks for your patience with the changes, this next couple of weeks should be a time for us teachers to really get an idea where you all are with your home learning and to help you with which ever areas you need further support in.

Lets keep moving forward together Year 6 so that we can go out with PRIDE  🙂

See you soon!

Mr Civil, Mrs Davies and the one and only Mrs Tench

Friday 26th June

Hope you’ve all been able to stand the heat this last couple of days.  Thanks to all those who shared their work with me over the last couple of days, I’m really enjoying reading your reports.

Here is what I would like you to have a go at today:

Ten to fifteen minutes completing your ‘X a Day’ on…you’ve guessed it – Doodle! You will have your account until September so please use it all through the next couple of months as it will help to keep your skills on point ready for Year 7.

Talking of Year 7, I’ve uploaded a different Transition Booklet into your shared files on J2E for you to have a look at.  Not to repeat anything that is already in your existing one but to have a look at two specific activities.

First, if you have access to a printer, feel free to complete the word search and ant maze on pages 3 and 4, if not, don’t worry about this.

Next, go to page 11, all about Equipment you’ll need and some shopping you may have to do (or may have already done).  Fill in the parts where it asks about costing up all the equipment, pages 12 and 13.  Use an internet search to find the best prices. (Remember to consider quality and also postage and delivery distances – think about the environment, if it’s just as cheap down the road, buy it there).

Lastly, look at the section from pages 20 to 23.  These are not actual teachers in Penyrheol but I think it gives a good idea of the different types of teacher you’ll have and it will get you thinking about having lot of different teachers.  Have a go at the timetable questions – they are designed to really get you thinking, so read the info carefully and have a go!

Can’t wait to see some of you next week, but whether you are returning to school or not, our thoughts are with you all and we are here to support with whatever you need – get in touch anytime!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Civil


Morning folks!

The work on here is for completion over the next TWO days, so that’s Wednesday the 24th and Thursday the 25th.  This is because I really need you to take your time on these activities and do the best you can.  Also hoping for lots of responses 🙂

Really hope you’re all well and happy.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you all over the following weeks.  Mrs Davies and I have been busy rearranging the classroom and planning nice things to do on your return.

Please remember to bring in any work you’ve done which wasn’t on the computer (ie. on paper, in your yellow book, etc.) as I want people to be able to celebrate and enjoy all of your amazing efforts.

Right then, as you know, this Hwb thing has been a bit naughty over the past few weeks and so I’m keeping these messages short and sweet. Here goes:

Mission 1:  Civil’s Challenge worksheet – can be found in … you’ve guessed it, shared J2E files. Find it, complete it, share it – Boom!

Mission 2: It’s report season and I am proudly writing all of your reports.  However, it’s just as important to me to know how you feel you’ve done this year.  I’ve popped a very simple template (feel free to jazz it up!) into the J2E files called ‘Reporting on my Year’.

Please fill it in with as much detail as you can.  Subjects, clubs, general moments of brilliance, breakthrough and hilarity, any days out of school at competitions, matches, Comp visits etc.  Who knows, I might even use some of it in your actual reports.  Diolch!

OK…Mission 3….hereit comes…

SHARE your work with me by pressing the ‘share’ button and finding ‘Mr Civil’  If this is a problem though, remember, you can always bring it in next week to share with me then 🙂

Thanks Year 6, see you very soon!

Mr Civil 🙂

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning Year 6! There seemed to be a whole host of problems yesterday for everyone trying to access HWB! The whole network was down for quite some time. Please don’t worry about this!

Here is the transition information from yesterday if you missed it!

Transition Information!

Please copy and paste this link into google.  It is your opportunity to ask Penyrheol 3 questions about anything you would like to find out. They will be answered virtually by pupils who already attend Penyrheol. Have a chat with someone at home and see if they can help you think of some questions.

Your parents/carers will have received a text message to let you know that your transition visits to Penyrheol School are on the 13th, 14th and 15th of July. The plan is for each of you to attend with a group of 8 other children that will be in the same form as you in September; including at least one person that you know from Tre Uchaf. You will attend for only 2 hours on only ONE day out of those three dates (your individual day will be confirmed soon) and you will get to meet your Form Tutor and Head of Year and have a little look around the school.

Please can you ask your parent/carer to phone the school to let us know if they DO NOT intend to send you for a visit.


There will also be a daily video message for all of you on the Penyrheol website this week. This will be a message every day from a different member of staff. Please make sure you have a good look at their website and check these important messages out!


Tasks for Today

Task one– I would love to have your opinion on the literacy games on BBC KS2 bitesize and whether they are useful/fun/help you revise key punctuation/spelling etc in a fun way!

Please click on the link or type it into google if it doesn’t work and have a go at the Crystal Explorers game in particular.  Whilst you are there, please take a look at the other games and have a go.  I will look forward to you sharing your thoughts about this next week or the week after when I see you all!

Task Two-There are some of you that still need to complete your Reading Eggs assignment from yesterday.  If you have done this then you can have a go at the Spelling assignment that I have allocated to you to help revise those tricky ie and ei words!

Task Three-Please continue your work on the transition booklets and don’t forget to check out the Penyrheol website every day this week for a new video message.

Have a great day!

Mrs Davies x