Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!    Welcome to Year 6!

Hi Year 6, I have shared our 1st weekly quiz with you on Hwb.  Don’t forget I will keep a record of all quiz entries and at the end a prize will be awarded.

I look forward to receiving your entries please share them with me on Hwb or on my email

Good Luck.

Mrs Tench

Friday 22nd January

Bore da Blywyddyn 6! Happy Flexi Friday!

Please watch this video message first!

Please can you ask your parent/carer to click on the link below and complete the form.  It would be really helpful to us! Thank you!

Having Flex-Friday at Tre Uchaf means that you have an important opportunity to catch up on any work from this week or learn a new skill like cooking a meal that will keep your heart healthy!

 I have also shared a file with you on HWB called Guided Reading Activities which is a reminder of all the things we used to do during our Guided Reading on a Monday afternoon.  They are activities that you can complete in your own time, in order to make sure that you are keeping on top of your reading.  You had all made such great progress on your reading last term, so we want to keep this up! There is no need to share any of this work with me (unless you particularly want to show me something).  It is for you to get on with independently.  However, I would love for some of you to share/recommend any books you are reading during our weekly Live Teams Meeting catch-up.

Please catch up with the research task if you didn’t get to finish it yesterday.  You will need this work to help you for our task on Monday!

As always, email me at if you need any help!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Davies x


Hi Year 6, Next part of Pig Heart Boy. Enjoy. Have a good day. Mrs Tench

Thursday 21st January

Good Morning Year 6! Please watch this video first!

Task one: The Human Circulatory System Quiz

Click on the link below and have a go at the quiz to see how much you can remember from the video Mr Civil sent you about The Circulatory System. Enjoy!

(If the link doesn’t work then please copy and paste into google!)

Task Two:  IT Research Task: How to Keep your Heart Healthy

Did you know that in the UK, more people die from coronary heart disease than anything else?

I want you to research the ways that we can all keep our heart healthy E.g.

  • Exercise (Find examples of different exercises/how much exercise we should do)
  • A Healthy Diet (Find out what food is good for our heart and other foods which are not)
  • Smoking (Find facts about the dangers of smoking and the damage it can do to our bodies

What other ways are there to keep our heart healthy? Try and find out some other ideas.

There are two websites here for you to look at but feel free to look at other Heart Charity websites.  I would also like you to find out any cool facts about your heart.  E.g. How much does a human heart weigh? How often does a human heart beat per minute?

You will need to keep this research ready for a task on Monday. You can either record your research on a mind-map and take a photo to send to me or on a document on HWB and share it with me.

Heart UK Charity

The British Heart Foundation

(Again Year 6 if the links don’t work then please copy and paste into google)

Task Three- I have set two assignments on Reading Eggs: one reading and one spelling assignment.  I want you to complete one of these assignments today.  I am disappointed to see that not everybody is completing their Reading Eggs assignments at the moment.  A HUGE well done to those of you who are! Please email me today at: if you need a gentle reminder of your login details.  You had all made such great progress with your reading and we need to keep this up!

Have a great day! Please remember to email me and NOT Mr Civil.  He may be a little while getting back to you about any work you have shared recently so please be patient about that.

Have a great day!

Mrs Davies x



Fruit Splat link:

Wednesday 20th January

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well!  Really great to see that nearly all of you have managed to login to and complete all your quests on Mathletics – keep up the efforts!  If you’re one of the small few who haven’t yet, then please remember to do this today and don’t hesitate to e mail or message me for any support.

Task 1                 Numeracy

Here’s a quick video about today’s fractions work. Watch it all before having a go at the Fruit Splat game (link below).

Next up, it’s time to prove you can do this skill.  so login to Mathletics and complete the 2 or 3 Quests I have assigned to you for today.   Be extra careful to read the questions and check the symbols (whether they are add or subtract…or both in one sum).

Next go to this website and complete the Quiz, watch the film and play the game at the bottom – especially the bit in Fractions Forest!  Study this revision guide as you’ll need to revise equivalent fractions before we move on to tomorrow’s work.

Task 2                       Science

I was so impressed with all your interesting and scientific presentations on the Heart last week.  I loved hearing your voices and seeing how you’d used pictures, fun facts and own style to engage the audience (me). 

Soooooo… I’ve decided to set you the same exact task but for the video below.  It’s full of interesting and important facts about the Circulatory System.  Please only summarise the important facts an info (not the jokes etc.) and keep it to no less and no more than 5 pages.

Have fun with it, let me have it by Friday at the latest thanks.