Welcome to the Tre Uchaf Nursery webpage!

Class teacher = Mrs. Tommason

Nursery Nurse = Miss. Morgan, Teaching Assistants = Mrs. Hole, Mrs. Rodde.

We currently have a morning Nursery  – 8:50 – 11:20am

Our afternoon Nursery will be starting after Easter 2018 for the younger Nursery children – 12:45 – 3:00pm.

If you are considering joining our school please contact us to arrange a visit to see the Nursery and school. Children usually start Nursery the term following their 3rd birthday.

Nursery is an important time in your and your child’s life – the next big milestone! We try to make the transition from home to school life as easy as possible and offer a home visit and class visit prior to your child starting Nursery. This gives a chance for your child to meet their teacher in their environment and then meet the Nursery team in our environment. The home visit also provides important time for parents to ask any questions and for us to get to know each other.

What do we do in Nursery? 

Nursery is an important start to school life and we during our time in Nursery we are learning so much to help us get ready for full time school.

Here at Tre Uchaf, we know that our children learn best through play and hands-on experiences.  Your child will be involved in lots of exciting learning activities – both planned by adults and child initiated such as role-play, dressing-up, music, singing, crafts, painting, colouring in, building, playing with sand, water, playdough, cooking, sharing stories, looking at books and lots more! We play and learn both indoors and outdoors. We spend a morning each week in our Wellies for Muddy Monday in our wood area having lots of fun climbing trees, hunting for mini-beasts, singing outdoors, playing games, making dens, outdoor art, looking for numbers and letters and of course getting muddy!

Nursery is part of the Foundation Phase and we provide learning activities across the seven areas of learning. We follow the Ben and Betty scheme and each week’s learning is related to the letter sound. We may count apples, hunt for ants outside, colour in pictures of animals and learn about ambulances for the letter a. Letter sounds are introduced on a Monday. We learn our letter sounds with Ben and Betty and work through the alphabet learning the short letter sound. For example, a makes the ‘ah’ sound.

Check out: for some more information. There is also an app available to extend learning at home.

We learn the Jolly Phonics songs for each letter sound. These can be viewed on youtube by searching ‘Jolly Phonics a’ – just change the letter sound for each song.

Home learning activities are sent home on a Friday and range from mark making, name recognition and writing, counting, colours, news, cutting or making things. These activities are to provide you with ideas of things to do at home as well as supporting and extending your child’s learning.

We love playing and learning outdoors and we are very lucky to have a garden just for Nursery, access to the school field and our wonderful woodland area.

Snack time

We have snack every day. We sit at tables for snack to practise our table manners for when we go to Reception and get to eat our lunch in the dinner hall!

Milk is provided each day free of charge. If your child does not like milk, water will be available. The children also enjoy a selection of fruit or vegetables such as carrot batons, cucumber, sliced apple, banana, tangerines. We encourage children to try new tastes and textures. We also have toast. We sometimes have food that links to our letter sound to help the children learn.

What to wear

We encourage uniform in Nursery as we are part of the school. We also enjoy messy play in Nursery so spare clothes are a must! Please send your child to school in comfortable clothing that encourages their independence and a warm coat and hat in Winter, since they will be enjoying the outdoors every day. Joggers are great for ease and independence when going to the toilet. Velcro shoes are preferred for independence.

School jumpers, polo shirts and book bags can be purchased from Sew and Sew in Gorseinon or Picton Sports in Llanelli. However, plain red jumpers or cardigans are acceptable. Please send your child wearing wellies on Forest Friday. A spare set of clothes (including socks and shoes) can be left on your child’s peg at all times just in case they need changing.

Please practise putting coats on independently with your child – a really important skill! This helps them have more time to play outside as they don’t need to join a coat queue for an adult to do and helps them gain more independence. Once your child has mastered putting their coat on by themselves, the next step is learning how to do their zip up. We start this by starting off their zip for them and getting the children to pull the zipper up.

The Nursery Week

Monday – Muddy Monday – wear your wellies to school!



Thursday – PE – come to school in your joggers and trainers.


Class library – bring your book bag.

Snack money due = £1 each week or pay each half term.

Home learning activity sent home.

Please put names on everything!

Our plan for the year ahead

(This may change slightly due to different events that take place throughout the year!)

Autumn Term 1

Settling into our Nursery / All about me / Autumn activities /Letter sounds Ss Aa Tt Ii Pp Nn

Autumn Term 2

Letter sounds Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff / World Nursery Rhyme Week / Christmas activities / Christmas trip

Spring Term 1

Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll

Spring Term 2

Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq / Spring activities

Summer Term 1

Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww

Summer Term 2

Xx Yy Zz / recap all letters / Summer activities / Summer trip


We have an open door policy and encourage you to speak to us about your child’s progress whenever you want to. We also have two parents’ meetings each year – Autumn and Spring term, and your child will receive a school report at the end of the Summer Term.