Croeso i Blwyddyn 3

Week 12 – Summer Update 

Hi everyone – I’ve made a quick video to point you in the direction of resources that can be used now and over the summer.

Summer Video –

The video explains it all but there is a focus on Maths and English. The links to the English suggested in the video are below:





The links to the Maths textbooks are a little different so I can’t include them on here but everyone should have a copy of those links already on their Dojo messages. You may need to scroll up for a little bit but they should be there. Let me know if you need any help or support.

Stay safe and have a good summer everyone! I look forward to catching up with you when we are all back even though I won’t be your teacher anymore!

Mr Jones

Week 11 – Final task

Again, there will only be one task this week. The task itself isn’t that long or difficult but getting the task to me will take a bit of time and effort, so I have left it at just the one thing to complete for this final week of home learning before the summer holidays.

This week, you will definitely need a parent or carer’s help. You need to present your presentation (so you will need someone to film you or someway of filming your screen – like I do for the home learning videos) and then you need to send it to me. I have suggested three ways in the video but I don’t mind how it gets to me really!

Children attending school for their second and final session will present to Miss Sidaway, Miss Kelshaw and Mrs Rees so will need to have finished their presentation (and ideally practised it) by the time they attend.

Final Task –

Week 10

As you can see below, home learning will be a little different this week. There will be only one task. It is a big one though and there is a lot of learning to be done before you will be able to complete it. The videos below are in order so you should really watch them in the order presented below first. However, you may also need to dip in and out of them if you need help with a particular part/element of the task.

Children attending school will start this in school but will probably need to finish the task at home.


File Tab 

Home Tab Part 1

Home Tab Part 2

Home Tab Part 3

Insert Tab

Collab/Plug In Tab

Week 9

English –

Maths –

Science –

Week 8

English –

ICT/Science Part 1 –

ICT/Science Part 2 –

Maths –

Week 7

English –


Science –

Week 6

English –

Maths –

Science –

Week 5

History – Fossils –

Tremors – Dinosaur Fossil Research

History – Mary Anning Part 1  –

History – Mary Anning Part 2 –

Mary Anning Writing Frame

Palaeontology Reading Comprehension

Maths –

Survey –


Week 4

Maths –

English –

Geography/English –

Week 3

ICT/Geography/Maths Part 1 ––Sl5LisgGysi1_mZqEYf9

ICT/Geography Part 2 –

Maths –

Week 2

Geography –


English –

Week 1

English –


Maths –


March 2020 Update

Please use the link below to access the home learning pack that I have put together for Year 3. It will open a PDF with ideas for Maths, Reading, Writing and Topic based tasks.

Please click  here —-> Tre Uchaf – Year 3 – Home Learning

April 2020 Update

April Update 2020 – April 2020 Home Learning

Most of the ideas in this update are links to free website/resources you can use over Easter!


Welcome to Year 3’s web space – you’ll be able to find important information about the going-ons in the class as well as the latest news and pictures! Don’t forget the check out the school twitter account – @treuchafprimary for other updates!


Teacher: Mr Jones

TA Support: Miss Martin, Miss Sidaway, Miss Kelshaw & Mrs Tucker







Weekly Information

P.E  will usually be on a Wednesday (but this can change and children are asked to leave their gym kit in school and take home at half terms) – children will need to bring a gym kit to participate fully. A PE kit consists of a white or team coloured t-shirt, black shorts and trainers.

Book bags are encouraged to be brought into school daily – we will make every attempt to update the books as soon as they have been finished.

Homework – Homework is both due in and given out on a Friday and will consist of a Maths or English piece (this will move to online homework via Hwb/Active Learn when we have settled into the year) as well as a weekly spelling list from their spelling group leader.