Lockdown April/May 2020

Parents and Pupils of Year 4, please go to your Class Dojo messages to find the daily activities. 

Emails are sent Monday to Friday to the pupils’ personal HWB accounts with a detailed list of the children’s work. 

Pupils can message Mrs Havard on Class Dojo or on HWB email during school hours. 

Don’t hesitate to make contact if there is a problem with your passwords or accounts or if you need general help with your work. I am also here for a chat if you need one. 

Stay safe, stay home!! 

Class Update March 2020

Welcome to our updated page. Hello if you are self isolating, hope you are well. 

Home Learning
I have prepared a list of activities and websites that I can direct you and your child to for the foreseeable future. These activities can be completed independently and/or with a grown up. Your child will need some help to do their best work and this is a perfect opportunity for parents and carers to work with children.
The websites that the children are familiar with are listed below. These include all different curriculum areas and are fun, educational sites.
Your child’s passwords have been photocopied and glued inside their reading diaries which accompany the reading books. There is no reason why your child cannot access these websites or platforms.

Oxford Owl – Reading
This page holds approximately 250 reading scheme books that your child can access for free. They are fun and interesting and will help your child maintain their good reading plus improve their reading. Individual passwords are needed for this.

Activelearn – Maths
This is a subscribed website that your child can access in which I add many interactive games and resources for your child to do regularly. I will put a lot more in over the coming weeks so that your child can play these games and learn at the same time. This can be accessed on a laptop, desktop, tablet and a phone if need be. Individual passwords are needed for this.

This is a times table learning platform that we subscribe to and your child can play it frequently. This can be accessed on any device as well. They can work through this gradually. Individual passwords are needed for this.

This is a school platform that all children have passwords for. There are a wealth of activities and pages that children can use that they are very familiar with.
Your child can use the pages to write stories, letters, emails, fact files, poems etc and will be saved on HWB.

Go Noodle
This is a well-being website that the children love. The whole family could do this together for exercise and fun. It is mainly dancing and singing but gets the children moving around which is great for their mental health.

or google; studio code org dance party or make a flappy
This is a website that is free that your child has been accessing in school. They know how to navigate around the website and they may even find additional activities to complete.

One Note
This is within HWB and the children have got a collaborative space that I can access. The children are allowed to complete their projects on this page if they are confident to do so.

The projects that the children have to complete can be up to them based on the overall topics. They can do one of these or three of them but a project does consist of at least 10 pages of text, facts and images/drawings. These projects can be completed in a notepad, sketch book, paper, HWB, One Note or J2e.
Eisteddfod – create a project on Wales, the history of the Eisteddfod, the events that lead up to an Eisteddfod, what happens in them, where they are held etc. A page could be created on each of these elements with pictures and text, using word processing features for fonts and graphics.
The Blue Abyss – create a project about the seas and oceans of the world. Focus on one ocean or all of them. Use maps to find them and draw maps of them with countries around them.
Investigate life under the sea and the creatures. Investigate different vessels that can go on the water, draw them, find facts about them.
Investigate the Titanic disaster, when did it happen, how did it happen? Research the Mariana Trench, what is it, where is it?
Loughor – create a project on the locality of our school. Explain how the Romans settled in Loughor and built a fort. What other buildings are of interest in Loughor? What history can we find out about the estuary, did pirates ever come to Loughor? Who built the Town Hall or the sanctuary?

This time is also an opportunity to do many activities with your children that are fun and educational.
Baking – if you are cooking food or baking then allow your child to help you, let them have a go at using weighing scales, measuring jugs, setting a timer etc.
Sewing – we have started learning to sew in class so if you can encourage your child to do this, brilliant. Threading a needle, sewing a button on something or sewing two pieces of scrap material together will be super skills to learn.
Exercise – use the garden area as an exercise space. Run, skip or walk as many laps as you can every day. Make an assault course inside or outside your house, be creative.
Art – use colouring books to colour, practising fine motor skills. Draw, paint, make, design as many different things as you can. Be as expressive and creative as possible.
Have fun!!!!
Dojo me some pictures of what you’ve been up to and I will tweet these.

Croeso i Blywddyn 4       Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! Croeso I’r dosbarth 4!


This year is going to be an exciting time for the children as we have some fascinating topics to cover. We start off with The Romans, moving onto Burps, Bottoms and Bile, followed by Eisteddfod and The Blue Abyss and finishing off the year with Potions. Amongst all of this we will be studying the history of Tre Uchaf as we celebrate its centenary before the end of the year.

This term in maths we will be focusing on number skills, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as fractions, length and data. We will be using numeracy across the curriculum to practise our skills even more. A huge focus will be on ICT and how skills can be integrated into each lesson.

Our Science topics throughout the year include, Physical Processes. Light & Sound, Interdependence of Organisms, Life Processes and Living Things. Our investigations will link into these topics and literacy and numeracy skills will be developed within the projects.

The topics allow us to go on many trips to explore and investigate new places with different experiences. I am very keen to take the class on regular trips but I need the support of all parents. Without enough payments for trips we will not be able to go on them. Please help us take your children out into the world to give them these opportunities.

Our class routines are as follows:

P.E. will be every Thursday so a kit suitable for indoor and outdoor needs to be left in school with labelled items in a labelled bag.

Swimming is Autumn Term only. Please ensure swimming costumes, towels and goggles are sent in. Easy clothes to change from are ideal ie no tights for girls. This is on a Monday.

Homework will be sent home every Friday to be returned by the following Thursday. This might include language, maths, spelling, tables or a craft activity. If the homework is research please do not send in reams of internet pages, instead ask the children to skim and to take out key information that is relevant. Reading regularly at home is essential for your child to progress through the reading scheme and to become independent and confident readers. I always encourage the children to read little and often so a few pages or a chapter every day would help them move on. Please question your child on the story, their favourite characters and why, what do they think will happen etc. The new Reading Diaries that have been issued this week will help you with questioning, please use them regularly and write comments down that could inform me of progress or problems there may be. Your child will have the opportunity to do Guided Reading weekly where they will read with a teacher in a group situation. This will also be documented in the Reading Diaries. We will endeavour to listen to each child read at least once a week and will always ensure books are changed. Please let us know if you want extra books or if they are too hard. Bear in mind that the better readers aren’t the ones on the higher stages but the ones that can understand what they read and answer questions on the text. If I feel that the books are not suitable I will use additional books to broaden their reading in order to become competent readers.

We are starting a Talk Homework strategy from next week. This will be given out on Fridays and will be based on the current topic ie imagine you are a Roman soldier, talk about what life would be like for you. This is an opportunity for you to have conversations with your child over a week and to discuss issues that they are learning about. Research on the computer will help but the focus is more about talking ‘If they can say it, they can write it’. To improve the extended writing in the school, at the end of the following week the whole class will be writing about this topic in depth. Please support your child with this.

Spelling tests will be every Wednesday starting from next week. Please help your child learn their spellings in order for them to know and apply these words to their work. Out of 20 words they may only be tested on 10, the focus will be on spelling strategies and patterns, not testing!

Failure to complete homework on time will result in a detention. A text will be sent home if your child is in detention for whatever reason. After three detentions a letter will be sent home from Mrs Hewitt.

This year we are teaching and training the children a new approach to their work called ‘Growth Mindset’ which entails always having a ‘can do’ attitude and a desire to always keep improving their work. To support us please adopt this attitude at home when something is difficult to do by trying again and again to improve and the children hopefully will have a new attitude to their work.

Please endeavour to get your child to school on time as being late can really upset their day. Also, good attendance is expected so please try and improve on last year’s attendance if possible.

Classdojo is up and running so if you haven’t signed up to it yet please do so. Information and photographs will be uploaded regularly so you can keep up to date with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on Classdojo if there is a problem or you need to find something out. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Don’t forget to check Twitter often too.

Please come and see me at the beginning or end of the day if need be.

Many thanks,

Mrs Havard & Miss Murray