Dear Parents,

Newsletter Week Beginning 14th September

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding over these past two weeks of return to school, while we fine tune our new routines! I am so grateful to you for your compliance with new rules and timetables.

Thank you for arriving at the times your child’s class starts. Please don’t arrive early as this causes queues and congestion! There are some new waiting spots in the infant yard for Nursery and Reception parents as the area here is getting a little crowded! Please use the spots in order to wait safely.

Well done to all the year 5 and 6 parents who are now using or online booking system! We hope this has made things easier for you. We know the system had a glitch this morning but it has now been resolved.

Please can I remind you not to park by the double gates that lead to the Junior yard because it is an emergency exit and also used for wheelchair access.

Now we are starting to open up our school activities further and I would ask you to read the following information carefully so that you know what to expect in the week ahead.

Breakfast Club

o As you should know, Breakfast Club will begin to open up again on Monday for children from Reception to Year 6. We are starting with limited numbers until we can see how things will work and so Breakfast Club will initially be for children entitled to Free School Meals and children whose parents need to get to work.

o We need to keep the children in their class contact groups so we will limit numbers for each class. As I said in a previous message you need to book your children in for the week ahead by 3pm the Thursday before. Children cannot just turn up if they have not been booked in.

o Children will not be allowed to share toys and resources in Breakfast Club so we are inviting them to bring in something to do which doesn’t involve sharing. Children can bring in a pencil case with pens, pencils and colours for their own use only. The pencil case must them be kept in their bag for the day. We will provide paper and colouring sheets if the children want to use this. They can also bring in books or comics of any kind but these must be kept in bags for the rest of the day. Please do not allow children to bring iPads or mobile phones as these will not be allowed. Staff will also entertain the children with exercise sessions, keeping them strictly in their class groups. They are, of course, welcome to just sit and chat with their friends from their class!

o Breakfast will be toast or fruit and a bottle of water and will be served from 8.20am. As before, children can arrive before this time and will be

charged £1 to cover additional costs. Please could you help us by bringing the correct money to drop in the payment box, rather than the staff having to handle money and give change.

o Infant children should be brought to the school hall and junior children to the gym. You will need to check your child in with staff or for year 5 and 6 you can do this online, like this week, from 8.05 – 8.20 (the link may not be sent before this time). Please follow the one way system to exit after dropping your child off.

School Dinners

o School dinners will start again on Monday at a cost of £2.40 each day. Please ensure you have put money on your sQuid account as this is the only way you can pay. We have a weekly list of children entitled to free school meals.

o There will be a choice each day of a hot or a cold meal, with no combinations of the two. Please discuss the choices each morning with your child so that time is not wasted in class. Linda will only be able to cook the food that she is given and won’t be able to switch the options if children don’t like what’s on the menu. The menu for next week is as follows;

Week 1

Week Commencing:

14h September

5th October, 2nd November,

23rd November, 14th December,

11 January, 1st February,


Hot Option – Margherita Pizza, Oven Potatoes,


Cold Option – Chicken Goujon Wrap, Veg sticks

Individual Fruit Yoghurt Pot / Fresh Fruit

Bottle of Water


Hot Option – Chicken Curry, Rice, Peas

Cold Option – Pizza, Rice Salad, Veg sticks

Chocolate Orange Sponge / Fresh Fruit

Bottle of Water


Hot Option -Pasta Bolognese, Mixed Veg

Cold Option – Sausage in a Roll, Veg sticks

Homemade biscuit / Fresh Fruit

Bottle of Water


Hot Option – Cottage Pie, Roast, Broccoli

Cold Option – Cheesy Pasta Pot, Veg Sticks

Jam Split / Fresh Fruit

Bottle of Water


Hot option – Baked Fish Fillet, Chips, Baked Beans

Cold option – Cheese & Ham Wrap, Veg Sticks

Chocolate Cornflake Crisp / Fresh Fruit

Bottle of Water


Please continue to send in a fruit snack for your child until we have worked out safe practices for preparing snacks.


Please also continue to send in a named water bottle for your child which they can refill throughout the day.

Kids Club

This also starts again on Monday and you will need to book your children in in the usual way. Strict procedures will be in place to keep your children in their class contact groups and to maintain hygiene at all times.

Information about your child’s new class!

Normally at this time of year we would invite you in to meet your child’s new class teacher to find out all the important information you need. For obvious reasons, we can’t do this this year, so you should be receiving this key information remotely in the next week or so. Look out for DoJo messages and emails!

Parents Evenings

One way or another there will be meetings with parents before half term so you can discuss your child’s progress and how they have settled into their new class. We will let you know how this will be done as soon as we have worked it out!

As you know, I will always make myself available to discuss any concerns you may have, preferably by phone. Also, I am usually available at the St David’s close gate from 8.35 or in the yards as children arrive. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

C M Hewitt