Welcome to the NEW Year 6 page.

Dydd Gwener 26 Chwefror

Flexi Friday today.  Hope you all get to do some exciting learning of your own choice and in your own style.

Just remember to finish off all of the Welsh competition stuff first and send it me on J2E shared files or e mail it to: CivilM1@Hwbcymru.net

I’ve sent you all an email I need you to read before the Teams meeting today.  Access your E- mail through Hwb, Microsoft Office 365 and check your inbox.

So  – here’s a quick checklist for the week’s Welsh activities (scroll down for all the videos and links as usual):

  • Swansea quiz on Forms – have a go! 10 minutes

  • A-Z of being Welsh – jazz it up with some colour for extra oomph!

  • Problem Solving questions (Welsh recipes) – at least the first 2 pages.

  • Coginio – Welsh cooking – make some mess in the kitchen! (and then tidy up