Welcome to the NEW Year 6 page.

Wednesday 14th July

Here’s the link for the Active Journeys consultation on travel to Penyrheol Comp – please fill it in with as much detail as possible.  Thanks.

Safer Routes


Dydd Gwener 12 Mawrth

Bore da Pawb!

Flexi Friday is here and it’s a great chance for you all to pursue your own interests, hobbies and learning.  Don’t forget to catch up with any previous work and to share anything you’ve done with me, Mrs Tench or Mrs Davies (or all of us!).

As promised, there are some challenging Maths puzzles in your Hwb Year 6  Shared files for you to either print out and solve or simply have a go at – Go for it!!!

There will be no Teams meetings today as we will see you in person on Monday – yay!!!

From Monday, the focus in school will be on getting back to basics:

  • No new topics or challenging new concepts to get your heads round.

  • A chance to adjust to daily routines, awaken fluency in basic Maths and English skills,

  • Blow the dust off our social and communication skills (have fun with and talk to your mates).

  • To get more active.  

Can’t wait to see you all.  Remember to start routines from today which will help you adjust to life back in school, such as:

  • Getting an early night,

  • Having your uniform, bag/lunch etc. ready on Sunday night

  • Getting up before 8 O Clock in the morning

  • Having a good breakfast before 9am

  • Having lunch at around 12pm

  • Getting plenty of time away from screens and devices.

Stay safe and see you all on Monday!

Mr Civil

Dydd Iau 11 Mawrth

Croeso Blwyddyn Chwech – begin the return to school countdown!  Can’t wait to see you all back in school next week!

Today we continue with Science week:

Task one: 

Visit the Science Week page on this website and choose one of the activities on there to have a go at.  Remember to keep sending us pictures of your curious efforts and exciting discoveries!

Task 2:                                                The Water Cycle

Watch the useful clips below in order to understand how water is recycled here on Earth.



I’ve shared 3 differentiated worksheets to test your knowledge of the Water Cycle on Hwb.  Choose your own level by scrolling down each file – you’ll see different versions of each task.

Complete them and share back with me.  Diolch

Here’s a link to a useful and practical activity which involves creating a mini water cycle out of an old plastic bottle.  You can also use a zip-lock sandwich bag for the same activity and stick it onto a sun facing window. 


Task 3:

Remember to keep up with your personal best fitness goals and record your results.  We’ll be working on our fitness once back in school next week so get a head start now!

Also, here’s a game to get you using those problem solving and engineering skills.  It’s fairly easy up to about level 10 but stick with it for more of a challenge.


…and of course make sure you’re up to date with all Mathletics and Reading Eggs assignments.

Take care all,

Mr Civil

Wednesday 10th March

Good Morning Year 6! It was lovely catching up with you on the Teams Meeting yesterday.

Please complete the following tasks today.

Task one: Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Summarising a News article’.  Watch/read examples of news reports on Newsround and use the template to summarise the key information.


Task Two: Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Appliances at Home Research Task’.  Have you ever thought about who invented all the things that you use in your home every day? Read through the powerpoint about all the famous inventors and complete the activities. Don’t forget to share your work with me! I am so learning forward to learning something new from you!

Task Three: Please visit the KS2 page added to the Tre Uchaf School website called, ‘KS2 Science Week 2021’.  Continue to complete your chosen three activities for this week. Please share your photos of you doing this with me and Mr Civil!

Make sure you have completed all your Reading Eggs and Mathletics assignments/quests.

Don’t forget to email me at: daviess1890@hwbcymru.net if you need any help!

No more Home Learning from me now Year 6.  I will see you all IN PERSON bright and early on Monday! Wooohooooo!

Have a great day!

Mrs Davies


Tuesday 9th March

Good Morning Year 6! Happy Science Week!

Task one: You have a Teams Meeting at either 10.30 am OR 11.30 am.  Check your HWB email to see what time your meeting is.  As discussed last week, you will be sharing your ideas about the following:

  • How can we improve the health of people?
  • How can we encourage people to exercise?
  • What are some of the things we can do at home to exercise and keep fit?
  • Healthy Meal that you have eaten and enjoyed this week? Fridge audit?
  • Ideas for a new device (invention-Science Week!) that will keep us fit.

Task Two: Please visit the KS2 page added to the Tre Uchaf School website called, ‘KS2 Science Week 2021’.  Have a go at completing any of the activities there.  The idea is that you complete at least 3 of those activities this week.  Please share your photos of you doing this with me and Mr Civil!

Task Three: Reading Eggs.  Complete the assignment I have set you for today.  Also use this opportunity to catch up on any Mathletics quests.

See you soon!

Mrs Davies

It’s Monday!!!! Science Week and International Women’s Day!

Here’s the link to our Wythnos Cymraeg video which I shared with some of you on Teams last Friday – hope you enjoy!


Task 1   Science Week Experiments

Please visit the KS2 page added to this website called KS2 Science Week.

In there, you’ll find a bank of lovely and interesting scientific activities from all of us teachers.  The idea is that you complete at least three of the activities over the course of this week but of course feel free to do all of them if your curiosity allows!

This one is mine, but like I said, pick whichever one you’d like to do first from the web page.

Mr Civil’s Water Powered Boats Part 1


Mr Civil’s Water Powered Boats Part 2


Mr Civil’s Water Powered Boats Part 3


Task 2   International Women’s Day and Science Week

Watch this clip and then choose a female scientist, innovator or engineer to research and tell me about in any form you choose!


Task 3 – it’s a real chance to catch up with Mathletics 

Get all of your previous assignments/quests out of the way before we get back into school.  If and when you’re up to date with this, then please go onto J2Blast and spend at least 15 minutes thrashing some opponents around Wales and the wider world at times tables battles.

Happy Monday – Mr Civil

Dydd Gwener 5 Mawrth

Bore da pawb!  Friday again already!  As promised, I have put together a video from all the clips you managed to send me last week to do with Wythnos Cymraeg.  Mrs Davies will be showing it during today’s Seren Y Wythnos assembly so make sure you watch.  Hope you enjoy!  

As it’s Flexi Friday again, I thought I’d upload the video explaining what this is all about just in case you needed a reminder.  Don’t forget to check that you’ve completed all of the tasks set on Mathletics from Monday and Tuesday, and that you’ve logged into Active Learn as asked to.

Never hesitate to email me at CivilM1@Hwbcymru.net if there are any questions or if you simply want to send me a picture of some of your awesome work. 

TEAMS MEETINGS at 2:00pm and 2:30pm today so check your email (through microsoft Office 365 on Hwb)  to check for your invite and time slot. 


Have Fun and see you later for Teams!


Mr Civil and Mrs Tench

Dydd Iau 4 Mawrth                    4th of March 2021

Happy World Book Day ! 

Task 1:  Extreme Reading photography competition.

Please see the file I’ve shared with you about ‘Extreme Reading’ in your J2 Files then enter the competition to win a special prize!

Task 2:                                          Numeracy

I’d like you to look at the file named ‘Scooter Shop’ in your J2 Files and choose the level of challenge you think you can manage.  Be as ambitious as you can, don’t choose an easier option if you think you can handle more of a challenge.  Growth Mindset. 

Task 3:                                      The Masked Reader


Test your wits and cunning against the Masked Reader Challenge by completing the quiz after watching all the clips – good luck!

Mr Civil

Wednesday 3rd March                 Dydd Mercher 3 Mawrth

Bore da pawb!  Let’s race ahead with today’s tasks:

Task 1:                                      Science/PE

WALT Demonstrate a high level of control, speed, strength and stamina when running, jumping and moving, in isolation and combination, and suggest ways to improve performance.

Please go to your J2 Files and read the instructions and ideas I have shared with you for this.   File name ‘Personal Best’.

Task 2:                                    Numeracy

The Maths task I’ve shared with you is continuing the theme of running and breaking records.  It involves a small amount of mental adding and subtracting although feel free to jot down any workings out when presenting your answers.  (You may wish/need to use a calculator to check your answer for question number 3 of the EXTRA challenge sheet however).    

I’d also like you to re-visit your Active Learn account.  I’ve reset all the passwords and information on this will be shared with you, again in our shared J2 Files.

Please open the file named ‘Active Learn’ and follow the instructions on there. 

I’ve set you one Problem Solving task on Active Learn and a video revising different strategies for subtraction.  See the following video to refamiliarize yourself with Active Learn and have a peek at the task I’ve allocated you.

You’ll need to watch the allocated video carefully as tomorrow’s work will be based on the strategies discussed.  It’s five minutes only and you can watch it as many times as you need to.   

Task 3:                            Science Revision  

Circulatory System wordsearch and quick comprehension shared with you in …you guessed it…J2 Shared files.

If time – Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds/ Mathletics Catch up.

Ask if you need anything!

Mr Civil


Tuesday 2nd March (Dydd Mawrth 2 Mawrth)

Good Morning Year 6!

Please watch this first…



For today, I would like us to get back to our Blood Heart Topic.

Task one: ‘Dangers of Smoking’. File shared with you on HWB.

Task Two: Watch a Live Science lesson at 11.30am! Watch TV presenter Dallas Campbell as he explores healthy eating, exercise and wellbeing with amazing experiments from the Science Museum! It is so important that we all know how to take care of ourselves and fits in with our topic perfectly.

Click on the link below to watch it! Enjoy! Make sure you tune in promptly at 11.30am!


Wow I hope you enjoyed that live Science lesson! Some fantastic and important topics covered.

Please watch this video…


Task Three: Prepare some notes for our Teams Meeting Next Tuesday 9th March. Times to be announced next week.

Some ideas as discussed:

  • How can we improve the health of people?
  • How can we encourage people to exercise?
  • How can we stay more physically active?
  • What are some of the things we can do at home to exercise and keep fit?
  • Healthy Meal that you have eaten and enjoyed this week? Fridge audit?

Have fun finding ways to keep fit/exercise this afternoon!

I look forward to hearing all your ideas in our Teams meeting next Tuesday.

Mrs Davies

Monday 1st March (Dydd Llun 1 Mawrth)

Happy Saint David’s Day!  Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus!



Don’t forget we have a whole class Teams Meeting at 10.30 am to celebrate Dydd Gwyl Dewi. I am so excited to announce the winners of the competitions from last week! I will also talk through the work for today. Please make sure that you are on time as we will be starting promptly. See you VERY soon! 

Task one: St David’s Day Quiz.  To get our brains warmed up this morning, have a go at this little quiz.  


Task Two: Read the Story of Saint David.  Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Task Two: Saint David’.  Read it slowly and carefully before answering the questions underneath the text. 

Task Three: Create an Acrostic Poem about the life of Saint David.  You must demonstrate your understanding of the text you have read about his life, by writing an acrostic poem about ‘SAINT DAVID’.

Don’t forget to email me at: daviess1890@hwbcymru.net if you need any help!

Have a great day and PLEASE REMEMBER TO SHARE your work with me.

See you at 10.30am!

Mrs Davies 

Dydd Gwener 26 Chwefror

Flexi Friday today.  Hope you all get to do some exciting learning of your own choice and in your own style.

Just remember to finish off all of the Welsh competition stuff first and send it me on J2E shared files or e mail it to: CivilM1@Hwbcymru.net

I’ve sent you all an email I need you to read before the Teams meeting today.  Access your E- mail through Hwb, Microsoft Office 365 and check your inbox.

So  – here’s a quick checklist for the week’s Welsh activities (scroll down for all the videos and links as usual):

Dydd Iau 25 Chwefror          Thursday 25th February

Croeso Blwyddyn Chwech! Already had some Gwaith Bendigedig from you for the photography competition, Welsh recipes and Quiz!   Keep them coming!  Pob Lwc! 

Competition 1:               A-Z of Being Welsh

Wales Online did a survey recently about what it means to people to be Welsh or live in Wales.  They received thousands of replies and suggestions and I’ve included a few in a shared file on Hwb for you to look at and get some ideas.  We need one word or phrase for each letter A through to z (26 in total).  Bet you wish you were Hawaiian, they’ve only got 12 letters in their alphabet – but they don’t have Alun Wyn Jones!  Also write a short phrase to explain why it’s on the list. E.g. C is for Cwtch – because we all love a hug. 

Anyway…could be a place, a person’s name, a bit of Welsh slang, something yn Gymraeg – you decide!  The best list will win 25 points and all others will receive 5 points. 

There may be more than one winner if you really try hard! 

Present your list anyway you like but get it to me by Friday at 2 pm!

Competition 2:                      Recipe Problem Solving

Also in your shared files is a small pack of problem-solving questions all about cooking and recipes.  You can’t write on the sheets as they are PDFs but please either write down your answers or type up and share them with me ASAP. 

This is also a competition, so the person with the most correct answers will win the 25 points for their Team! Everyone who has a go at answering the questions and sends me their answers will get 5 points!

Eisteddfod Task:                    The Welsh National Anthem

Watch this short video which teaches you the anthem incredibly well (better than I could do remotely).  The task is simple – learn the anthem!

Next, I’m going to allocate each of you a line via e mail, from the anthem which I would like you to record yourself singing and send to me so that I can edit them all together and share with you for St David’s Day.  It’ll be a whole class effort and I don’t want anyone to be left out.

20 points each for the first 5 video clips to be shared with me, of you singing your line along to the audio track (found below),

In order to sing in the same key, (so it sounds nice), I’m asking that you sing your line while listening to the following audio file. 

I’ve also shared this with you in your J2E Shared files.     It just plays the backing music and will have your lovely voice over the top.  You only need to send me a short recording of your line, unless you want to sing more.  Try to get someone to film you singing your line as this will make the video much cooler!  Feel free to dress up in what you’d normally wear for St David’s day! 

Here’s another link to the anthem music and words on the screen in case you want to practise.

We’ll discuss this more in our Teams meeting tomorrow guys so don’t panic if you’re having any technical issues.

Hwyl fawr!

Mr Civil

Wednesday 24th February      Dydd Mercher 24 Chwefror

Happy Welsh week everyone.  I hope you’ve all started your competition entries and are feeling excited, positive and proud as we celebrate all things Welsh in the run up to St David’s Day on Monday!

As with your tasks from yesterday, I will set you 3 competition style activities today and three more tomorrow and the deadline for all of these will be Friday at 2pm.  Obviously, you can e mail or share entries with me before the deadline too.  Can’t wait to see them all! 

Remember – for every task this week, it’s 5 House Team points for submitting an entry (only one per person, per competition) and 25 points for the winner of each category. 

Task 1:   Photography Competition

 Watch this link:


Task 2:   Welsh Recipes

Look at the recipes I have shared with you on J2Files.  Choose the one you’d like to have a go at making.  Think about what ingredients you’ve already got in the house or what you think you might be able to easily buy. 

Once you’ve cooked your Welsh delights, think about how you might present your entry as a photo.  It could be a photo story of you making the recipe, maybe an artistic presentation of the food itself.  Make sure you are in the photo with your wonderful edible creations!

Quick link to Mouth Watering Welsh recipes here.


Remember, you’ve got until Friday 2pm.

Task 3:  Quiz

On March the 21st, it will be Census Day.  The Census is a once in a decade (every ten years) survey that gives us our most accurate estimates of all the people and households in England and Wales. 

It’s a questionnaire which has been carried out every ten years since 1801 with the exception of 1941 – why do you think there was no census in 1941?

Our quiz today is based on some interesting facts from the last Census here in Swansea. (What year was that in?)

Just in case of a draw, there will be a tie breaker.  

In addition to filling out and submitting the response form, please share with me, 5 interesting statistics on absolutely anything related to Wales or being Welsh. 

The most interesting or funny will take the win and the 25 points.

Find your quiz response sheet via the link below.


In addition to these tasks, please make sure you’re up to date with Mathletics quests previously set and I’ve shared this St David’s Day multiplication activity with you also. Click to see.   https://www.j2e.com/tre-uchaf-primary-school1/Mr+Civil/St+Davids+Day+Challenge/


Mr Civil

Tuesday 23rd February  (Dydd Mawrth Chwefror 23)

Happy Tuesday Year 6! Don’t forget that YOU have a Teams Meeting at either 2pm or 2.30pm.  Make sure that you know what time you have been given and, also ensure you have a pen and paper with you as you will need one! I am so looking forward to catching up with you all.

Please watch this video first!



This week is Wythnos Cymraeg (WELSH  WEEK!) Therefore, the main theme of our work this week will have a Welsh focus.  We will be setting you a variety of competition challenges and Mr Civil and I will judge all entries and announce the winners in a special St David’s Day Year 6 Teams Meeting next Monday 1st March at 10.30am.

Task One: Create some New Welsh Money! Please look at the file I have shared with you called ‘Competition one: Design some Welsh Money’ and read/listen to the instructions carefully.

Task Two: Learn and recite a Welsh Song/Poem

Look at the file I have shared with you on HWB called ‘Competition Two: Learn a Welsh Song or poem’ and follow the instructions on there.

Task Three: Look at the file I have shared with you called ‘St David’s Day Keyword Wordsearch’. Have fun completing it and have a think as to why each word is important to our Welsh Culture.  We can have a chat about this in our Meeting later!

Please don’t forget to take a photo of your work and share it with me.  THE DEADLINE FOR THIS WORK IS FRIDAY AT 2PM.  PLEASE DON’T RUSH THE COMPETITION WORK. Take your time and enjoy it! We will be awarding House points for entries and winners.

Don’t forget to email me at: daviess1890@hwbcymru.net if you need any help!

See you later!

Mrs Davies x

Monday 22nd February (Dydd Llun Chwefror 22)

Good Morning Year 6! I hope you have all had a wonderful half term break. Today is a planning day for all Staff so no Home Learning is being set for you. 

Make sure you check out this class page tomorrow morning as Home Learning will resume for you.  There will also be a Teams Meeting at either 2 pm or 2.30 pm tomorrow.  Invites will be sent as usual to your HWB email addresses.  Please make sure you know what time you need to attend!  YOU NEED TO HAVE A PEN AND PAPER for our meeting tomorrow so come prepared! I am so looking forward to catching up with you all! 

Mrs Davies 


Friday 12th February                      Dydd Gwener Chwefror 12

Flexi Friday today – so catch up with all the tasks I’ve set you below. Two Science tasks, Two shape and space tasks (4 tasks).

If you have completed and shared ALL of them with me, then this is your chance to really enjoy developing an interest or hobby or area of learning that you are passionate about.  ENJOY!

For today’s TEAMS meetings, all you’ll need is a piece of paper and something to write with, so that you can take part in our end of Half Term Quiz.                                  10am and 2:30pm as usual.

Seren Yr Wythnos this week also, so get on that to see who this week’s stars are.


Having said that, if you have worked your little socks off over the past 5 weeks or so, completed work and shared it with your teachers, then YOU ARE A STAR! Da iawn! 

Mr Civil

Thursday 11th February                 Dydd Iau Chwefror 11

Welcome back Year 6 hopefully the website is behaving today but most of you managed really well in spite of the class page crashing.  Some really impressive early birds, sharing work with me as early as ten past nine – wow!  Keep it up

OK, Maths, Science and catch up with any outstanding Mathletics/Reading Eggs assignments.

Task 1:                          Problem Solving

Here’s a video link explaining today’s activity and to get you thinking.


Here’s how to carry out the investigation.  The tools to use and IT skills:


Extra challenges available for the motivated and curious:




Task 2:             Independent Research and Present Mission:

The following is a list of subheadings for a mini project I would like you to research and present (communicate) in any way you choose (slide show, document, film, recorded voice with images, song lyrics, poem, rap, short film/documentary, poster, children’s book etc.)

Under each subheading is a link to a video or webpage which you might find useful.  Visit these first.   

The aim is to research and learn all you can about each subheading before presenting/communicating it back to me in a clear and original way (No copying and pasting).

Take ownership and have fun!

Blood Groups



Karl Landsteiner


Blood Transfusions



General info about blood:



Task 3:  If you have time, Login to Mathletics and Reading Eggs at some point today – catch up with any old tasks

Also look out for the Teams Meeting invites and ‘accept’ them to let me know you’re coming. 

Thanks all, keep up the great work – Seren Yr Wythnos tomorrow – It could be YOU!

Mr Civil

Wednesday 10th February      Dydd Mercher  Chwefror 10

Bore da pawb!

Over the next two days we will be learning all about 2D shapes and their properties and in Science, we’ll be observing, exploring and even making Blood.  We will be learning about blood’s composition (what it’s made of) and investigating the different blood groups.

Task 1:    2D Shapes – Properties of Quadrilaterals

My Video link here:


continued in this video – watch this carefully:


…and continued in this last video (sorry, five minutes isn’t very long to explain Maths concepts):



Have a play around with interactive quadrilaterals yourself here:


Link to online, interactive games for sorting and classifying quadrilaterals:


More challenging:


Task 2:               Science

Here we go people – the mid-morning update!


and continued on. . .  (ran out of time…again)


First of all, you might want to swat up by watching the following video clips.

Blood composition videos:


More info can be found via this video also:  https://youtu.be/CRh_dAzXuoU

For additional information and your own further research on this topic go to this website:


Have fun and learn as much as you can!