Article 6- You have the right to life and to grow up to be healthy.

The Sustaina-Bulls

The Sustaina-Bulls aim to raise the awareness and understanding of sustainability around school. We have representatives from every Year group and we each have a ‘Bull name’, from ‘Recyclea’Bull’ to ‘Upcyclea’Bull’!

The Sustaina-Bulls meet a few times each half term with Miss Evans and Mr Civil to discuss environmental issues and talk about how we can improve as a school.

So far this year this has included writing to a local farm to encourage them to recycle, carrying out ‘bin spot checks’ around school and working out how much plastic we use as a school due to our daily milk.

We set out aims of what we would like to achieve across the year and take on board suggestions from the children of how they think we can become more sustainable as a school.