School Development Plan   Priorities


Completion Date

Priority 1 To develop three aspects of Pupil Independence- 

  • Social and Personal Skills 
  • Pupil influenced Planning for Learning 
  • Pupil Independence in applying LNF and DCF skills 
March 2021
Priority 2  To embed Sustainability in the design of our New Curriculum


March 2021
Priority 3


To create an Expressive Arts Curriculum which staff can deliver with confidence  March 2021
Key Theme 1; Distributed Leadership
Key Theme 2; Implementing ‘Successful Futures’ and the Four Core Purposes
Key Theme 3; Preparing for Remote Learning

The school receives an Educational Improvement Grant to support learning. Click here for a summary of how this is used in Tre Uchaf.   Educational Improvement Grant.   EIG2020


The school receives a Pupil Deprivation Grant, based on the number of pupils entitled to free school meals. Click here to see the plan for the use of the PDG for thisPDG2020