Newsletter 21st June 2021

NL21st June

Dear Parents,

We have a very busy time ahead of us as we try to fit in some important and fun end of term events for you and your children. I now have some dates for your diary!


Tuesday 22nd  June         Nursery to stay for lunch  until 11.30

Wednesday 23rd June      Year 4 Trip to Port Eynon

Thursday 24th June             Year 5 Trip to St Madoc’s (leaving at 9am sharp!)


Monday 28th June             STF Trip to Aberavon

Tuesday 29th June              Year 5 Transition morning to Penyrheol

Nursery to stay for lunch  until 11.30

Wednesday 30th June      Year 3 Trip to Folly Farm

Thursday 1st July                 Key Stage 2 Class Sports Days

9.15 Y3

10.15 JSTF

11.15 Y4

1.00 Y5

2.00 Y6

Foundation Phase Trip to Aberavon


Monday 5th July                 Arts Exhibition in the gym – staggered times to be confirmed

Tuesday 6th July                  Year 6 Transition morning in Penyrheol

All children to visit their new classes/teachers

Nursery to stay for lunch until 11.30

Meeting for September Reception parents 11.30am

Thursday 8th July                Year 6 Trip to Oxwich

Foundation Phase Class Sports Days

9.15 Y1

10.15 Y2

11.15 Reception

2.00 ISTF

Afternoon Nursery Trip and Sports Day


Friday 9th July                      Morning Nursery Trip and Sports Day

Reports out


Monday 12th July              Reserve Sports Day

Nursery Reports out



Tuesday 13th July               Class Picnics and Fun Day on the School Field

Wednesday 14th July        Meeting for September Year 3 Parents 2.15pm

Thursday 15th July              Reserve Sports/Picnic Day

Friday 16th July                    Year 6 Leavers’ Event on school field – 9.30

Year 6 Leavers’ Party on school field – 1.00

Last day of term!



We must proceed cautiously, particularly with events which involve bringing parents onto the premises. I am sure you will understand that in order to keep everyone safe we must put the following in place over the coming weeks;


  • Some events will be strictly staggered through the day
  • Only one parent per family will be permitted to attend school events
  • The wearing of masks and social distancing will be essential for parents
  • Each class will travel on their own bus for trips
  • All trips will be to outdoor venues


Please follow any guidelines we give you as it would be such a pity to spoil the end of this school year through over-crowding of adults. Thank you!



The children are really looking forward to our end of term events but in the circumstances we must be extra careful to ensure everyone is safe. This means that we can only include children who follow instructions consistently. We will not hesitate to exclude children from trips and fun events if we do not feel confident that they will remain in their contact groups and follow staff instructions immediately and without question. Let’s hope we can include everyone and finish this difficult year on a positive note!


I will put all these events on the Schoop calendar for your convenience so that you receive timely reminders!


September Classes

We have now just about worked out our staffing structure for September and we will be letting you and your children know over the next couple of weeks who will be teaching which class in September.


I hope you are and your children are looking forward to these final few weeks of what has been a challenging year as much as we are! Thank you for your continued support during these strange times!


Yours faithfully

C M Hewitt





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Parents Newsletter

Tre Uchaf Primary School

Parents’ Newsletter 28th May 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


Today we finish for half term and your children are more than ready for a break. Most of your children have worked very hard this half term to catch up on time lost due to school closure and I am very proud of the effort they and their teachers have put in.


Monday 7th June is an INSET Day during which staff will be developing a new format for reports which we hope you will find informative and easier to understand. Staff will also be working on the school environment so that both indoor and outdoor areas support all the exciting learning opportunities we have planned for the final half term of this difficult year.


We know that the children need lots of things to look forward to in school at the end of this challenging year and we are busy planning to do what we can to make up for those experiences they have missed out on due to covid restrictions. Some school trips have already been planned and plans for arts and sporting events are underway.


Class Photographs

There will be outdoor class photographs taken on Wednesday 9th June. Please send your children to school in school uniform on that day, even if it is  their gym day. May I remind you that gym days are not a ‘non-uniform day’! Children must wear their school jumper over their gym t-shirt and comfortable leggings or joggers. preferably in black or grey.


School Car Park

I need to remind you again that children should not be riding their bikes and scooters across the school car park or in the yards at the beginning and end of the school day. This is very dangerous for them and for families arriving in school.


We have experienced some tampering with staff cars and are currently investigating this by adjusting our CCTV cameras so that we can see who is doing this. If you have any information about this would you please let us know.


Homework and Reading

Many children are completing their homework every single week and reading regularly and I would like to say well done to those children and their families for their commitment to this. However, we have too many children persistently failing to do this. I know how busy everyone is but may I remind you that the children need to be supported in this more than ever before as they prepare to move on to their next class. Our year 6 children in particular need to develop good habits of organisation in readiness for comprehensive school where homework expectations will be much higher.


Today we are appointing a new deputy head teacher! This will be a new member of staff and we will inform you all about this as soon as possible. I am confident that our governors will do you proud and make a good appointment.


May I wish you and your children a happy half term break and we look forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday 8th June.


Yours faithfully


C M Hewitt





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Parent newsletter

Tre Uchaf Primary School

Parents Newsletter Week Beginning 24th May 2021

Dear Parents,

This is our final week before half term and some of the children are tiring and ready for a break! We hope they will come back refreshed and ready for the final six weeks of this very strange year. We will do our very best to make these weeks as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Schoop! One Final Reminder!!

There are still too many parents not fully signed up to Schoop! Please note that signing up is a two stage process so don’t ignore any prompts from Schoop to give further registration details once you have downloaded the App and entered the school code. I know it’s a bit tricky as I didn’t get it right the first time myself!


We still have quite a few ‘unauthorised absences’ on our registers because we don’t have reasons for children’s absences. Please remember to let us know the reasons for your child’s absence straight away by phoning school or using the ‘Schoop’ absence messaging system.


Just another reminder of important dates ..

Half Term                              31st May – 4th June

INSET Day                             7th June

Class Photographs              9th June

Year 5 swimming starts      Friday 11th June

Year 5 Transition Day          29th June

Year 6 Transition Days        5th and 6th July

Last Day of Term                 16th July



Nigel our caretaker has made us some fabulous planters that really enhance our school environment.  If you have any cuttings or plants that you would like to donate to school he would be delighted to use them. He is often pottering around near the gym in the mornings so please have a chat to him if you can help in any way.



The Boot Room Project..

If you have any unwanted football or rugby boots that you would like to donate, please leave them in the box just outside the main foyer.


New Deputy Head Teacher

On Friday the governors will be interviewing candidates for the Deputy headship of Tre Uchaf. This will be someone who is new to the school and I am confident that the governors will make an excellent choice. We should be able to let you know on Monday who has been appointed

Please remember I am always happy to take a call from you if you want to discuss anything. Alternatively, you can email me on

Yours faithfully,

C M Hewitt

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Newsletter 17th May

Tre Uchaf Primary School

Parents Newsletter Week Beginning 17th May 2021

Dear Parents,

Many thanks to those of you who have asked your children not to ride bikes and scooters in the yards this week. The situation has improved with just a couple of children not yet complying. Could you also please remind them that they should not be playing football in the yards before school as there are many parents, some with babies in prams.


There are still too many parents not fully signed up to Schoop! Please note that signing up is a two stage process so don’t ignore any prompts from Schoop to give further registration details once you have downloaded the App and entered the school code. I know it’s a bit tricky as I didn’t get it right the first time myself!


Please remember to let us know the reasons for your child’s absence straight away by phoning school or using the Shoop absence messaging system. May I remind you that if your child has been sick they must not attend school until 48 hours after their last bout of sickness. I do realise that this can be very frustrating for families but this is the rule we have been given by Public Health Wales.



Just a reminder of important dates ..

Half Term                              31st May – 4th June

INSET Day                             7th June

Class Photographs              9th June

Year 5 swimming starts      Friday 11th June

Year 5 Transition Day          29th June

Year 6 Transition Days        5th and 6th July

Last Day of Term                 16th July



The Boot Room

We are taking part in the Boot Room project which enables you to donate unwanted football and rugby boots to children who may not be able to afford new boots. You can leave you donations in the box in our outside foyer and we will arrange for them to be collected.

Please remember I am always happy to take a call from you if you want to discuss anything. Alternatively, you can email me on

Yours faithfully,

C M Hewitt

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Tre Uchaf Primary School

Newsletter for Parents Week Beginning 10th May 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

School Trips!

We were delighted to hear this week that we are once again allowed to take the children on school trips, which is lovely news! The teachers are already thinking about trips which will enhance the topics the children are currently doing. We will still keep the classes in their contact bubbles which means that classes cannot share buses. We will try our best to keep costs down and will let you know about trips in plenty of time.  This doesn’t include residentials so we are planning to take our Year 5 and 6 children on some extra special trips instead.

Bikes and Scooters!

It is lovely to see so many children coming to school on their bikes and scooters. I would ask you to remind your children that they should not be riding them around the yards at the beginning and end of the day as this is a hazard and an annoyance to parents and younger children. Thank you.


We are still looking for that first full class to sign up to Schoop! As I have said before it is so important that we are able to contact you quickly and to let you know the latest news. Reward for the first class to have every family signed up!

Just a few dates for your diary….

Half Term                              31st May – 4th June

INSET Day                             7th June

Class Photographs              9th June

Year 5 Transiton Day           29th June

Year 6 Transition Days        5th and 6th July

Last Day of Term                 16th July

We will let you know the dates  as soon as we can if we can run Sports Days and Concerts!!

Best wishes


C M Hewitt

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Tre Uchaf Primary School Newsletter W/b 26th April 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Parent Phone Calls

Many thanks for making your appointments for parents evening phone calls this week. We had an excellent take up on this and teachers now have spoken to nearly every family! If you still haven’t managed to talk to your child’s class teacher please contact them either through DoJo or by email and they will find a time to fit this in. If you have any concerns following your phone call please don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone or by email on


A few of you still haven’t registered with ‘Schoop’, our new texting system. It is really important that you do this so that we can contact you at short notice if necessary eg in the event of your child’s class having to isolate. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on important information so please go to our Parents Page on the website to find out how to do this.

Also would you please ensure we have your correct phone numbers and also alternative contact details in case we need to contact you in the event of your child’s illness or an accident.  There have been times when we have been unable to contact parents or other relatives and children have had to wait a long time to be collected from school.

Social Media

Many of our older children are using apps such as whatsapp despite them having a much older age rating. In the interest of your child’s well-being, please remove your child from any groups that are using inappropriate language and monitor messages closely.


Some of our children have a nut allergy. Please do not send any nut products into school in packed lunches including Nutella sandwiches and/or hazelnut spread.

Getting Back to ‘Normal’

School is slowly beginning to return to ‘normal’. Violin lessons have started again and take place on Thursdays so please ensure your children bring their instruments and music to school each week, not forgetting to bring them home again to practise!

Kerbcraft is taking place in year 2 on Thursdays each week, outside in the school yard, so please ensure your child has a coat to wear in chillier weather.

We are still unsure about sports events and concerts this term but we will do our very best to do something within the guidelines we are given for June and July.

Looking Ahead

Following the appointment of Mrs Davies as head teacher from September the governors are busy recruiting a new deputy head teacher. This will all be finalised by half term and we will let you know who has been appointed as soon as this has been confirmed.

We will have decided on the new class structure by early July and we will let you and the children know who their new class teacher will be around that time. There will be plenty of opportunities for transition to their next class and we are still hoping that year 6 will be able to have their transition days in Penyrheol Comprehensive on 5th and 6th July. Before this time our year 6 will have been visited by staff from Penyrheol so that they can ask questions and find out more.

May I remind you that next Monday 3rd May is a Bank Holiday so there will be no school. Let’s hope this lovey weather continues so that the children can enjoy lots of outdoor time both at home and at school!

Thank you again for helping to keep our school community safe by following our rules and routines and minimising your family contacts for just a little bit longer!

Best wishes

C M Hewitt





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Weekly Newsletter- 19/4/21

Newsletter for Parents Week Beginning 19th April 2021

Dear Parents,

We have had a very positive first week back in school and have been working your children quite hard! On the whole they have been cheerful and ready to learn and are pleased to be back with their friends and their teachers!

Thank you for continuing to follow our safety rules and for arriving with your children at the right times. We have had great attendance this week but please ensure you call school if your child is not well enough to come to school or if there is another reason why they cannot attend. Most importantly please let us know if your child, or someone in your household, has a positive covid test. We will be following up all unexplained absences.

Parents ‘Evenings’

You should by now have heard from your child’s class teacher about how you can book a phone call for ‘parents evening’. You will have a choice of a school time or an after school appointment. It is so important that you talk to your child’s class teacher next week so that you know how they have settled back into school and what you can do to ensure they keep up with their learning.

If you have any concerns following your discussion with your child’s class teacher please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat.

Your Child’s Progress

We will be assessing the children’s progress over the next couple of weeks but there won’t be any National Tests this year. These assessments will be as informal as possible so your children don’t need to worry about them. We will let you know if we have concerns about your child’s progress.

Summer Term Dates

We are still unsure about what events will be allowed later this term but it unlikely that Year 5 and 6 residentials will take place. It would be good to think we can have some kind of Sports Days

and end of year events and we will do our best to make the best of it all! We will give you plenty of notice of any events which can take place.

There will be just one INSET day this term – 7th June which is the first day after half term.

Thanking you for all your support,

C M Hewitt

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Easter Newsletter

Parents Newsletter 26th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Well here we are at the end of yet another unusual term! Finally we have all our children back together and almost every single one of them seems happy to be in school with their friends and learning face to face once again.

As you know, school finishes for Easter today and we return to school on Monday 12th April. Please remember to book your children into Breakfast Club by Friday morning each week as we have to limit numbers for each year group.

Kids’ Club will restart after Easter so please book your child’s place in the usual way. With changing work patterns, numbers of children requiring kids club are falling, making the club less able to pay for itself. I’m sure you will understand that it will only be possible to continue kids club beyond the May half term if there are enough bookings coming in.

Head teacher Appointment

I am very pleased to be able to report that our current Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Louise Davies, has been appointed as your new Head Teacher from September! Our staff are thrilled about this and I’m sure the children will be too when we tell them. There were many strong applicants for the role and the governors and the Local Authority were unanimous in their decision to appoint Mrs Davies following an excellent interview and outstanding presentation! Personally I am delighted to be leaving Tre Uchaf in such good hands and I know that the school will go from strength to strength under Mrs Davies’ leadership.

This means that soon we will be appointing a new Deputy Head. We will be advertising this job as soon as possible and will keep you informed as soon as we have news.  Exciting times!

Parents Meetings

You will have the opportunity to speak with your child’s class teacher by phone during the week beginning 19th April. You will have the choice of a school time or an after school time slot and we will let you know on the first day back which days are available and how to book. It is more important than ever that you have this meeting with your child’s class teacher after such a disrupted year.

Year 6 Transition

Arrangements are being made for the Year 6 transition to Penyrheol. Staff from Penyrheol will visit Tre Uchaf to discuss all our year 6 children, including any needs they may have. There are also transition days planned for 5th and 6th July. These will go ahead if they possibly can.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter-time. I hope you and your children can enjoy some sunshine and outdoor time during this holiday!

Yours faithfully

C M Hewitt



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Parent newsletter 19/3/21

Parents Newsletter Friday 19th March 2021

Dear Parents,

It was a pleasure to welcome our Key Stage 2 children back to school this week! They have returned in good spirits, pleased to see their friends and ready to learn! Let’s hope for a healthy and covid free final term.

We have been giving the children lots of opportunities to exercise in the outdoor areas so please ensure they are wearing appropriate footwear so they can run around and improve their fitness!

Safety for All

May I remind you that the safety and success of a continued and permanent return to school depends on all of us following the rules. The previous one way system is back in place and all parents should enter and leave the site using the correct gates. We have noticed a few parents entering through the junior yard gate. There is now a No Entry sign on the gate to remind you that this an exit only. Thank you for helping with this as this will minimise the risks of parents crossing paths.

We would like to thank everyone for wearing face masks on the school site but need to remind you that masks should be worn properly ie over both the nose and mouth! Social distancing has been generally good but please keep a check on this and ensure you stay 2m away from others, even if they are your friends!

Most importantly, we need to ensure that no child attends school if there is someone who has had covid symptoms in their household, until that symptomatic person has had a negative test. If we become aware that any child has been in close contact with someone with covid symptoms we will ask you to collect them, and any siblings from school. If the child appears at all unwell they will be isolated until you collect them. If you are in any doubt about whether your child should attend school please contact school to discuss it. Thank you.

Comic Relief

The children enjoyed the Comic Relief activities in school today and we raised £ 216.  Many thanks for your donations.

Parents Evenings

As in the Autumn Term we will carry out ‘Parents Evening’ by phone during the week beginning 19th April. This went well in the Autumn Term and proved to be more efficient with less queuing! We will be offering appointments both during the school day and after school. Your child’s class teacher will let you know how you can book a slot. As you will realise this won’t be like our normal parents evening as we won’t be able to share your child’s work with you. However, we know that many of you will have seen the work your child has been doing during school closure and will be in a better position than ever before to understand your child’s learning. Please do book a slot and be assured that we will not be making any judgements on how you managed the difficult challenge of getting your children to engage in remote learning!

New Head Teacher Appointment

As you should already know from the video included in my newsletter of 22nd February, I will be retiring at the end of this academic year. This is nothing to do with the pandemic as I made this decision quite some time ago! I have family who live far away and a baby grandson to spend time with so it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter. The Governors are in the process of appointing a new head teacher and this should be finalised before we finish for Easter. May I assure you that they are working extremely professionally to ensure you have the right person to lead the school from September. I will update you when we have confirmed news on this.

Easter Fun!

On Friday 26th March the children are invited to join in with our usual Easter competitions. Foundation Phase (infant) children are invited to create and wear an Easter Hat. Key Stage 2 (junior) children are invited to decorate an egg and bring it in – any theme is fine! All activities will be done in a socially distanced way eg an outdoor Easter hat parade!

School finishes for Easter on Friday 26th March and we return on Monday 12th April. Half term is from 31st May – 4th June. Please stay safe and keep to the restrictions for just a little longer so that we can keep school open and safe for the rest of the school year.

Thank you again for everything you have done during school closure. We will do our best to give your children everything they deserve now that they are back with us in school.

Yours faithfully

C M Hewitt

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March Return to School!

Please read click here or read the information below..

March Return Letter to Parents

Thursday 11th March 2021

Dear Parents,

March Return to School

I am writing to you to give you further information on our reopening for Key Stage 2 (Juniors) on Monday 15th March.  There is also information here which relates to our Foundation Phase (infant) children so please read through everything.

It has been lovely to welcome our younger children back to school. They have settled really well which makes me very hopeful that our older children will settle well too!

We have considered all the latest guidance and amended our advice and procedures accordingly so that we can keep everyone as safe as possible as we enter this new, and hopefully final, chapter in the return to school.

I have outlined below the answers to some questions you may have. 

Are all children required to attend?

The expectation is that all Key Stage 2 children will return to school on Monday unless you have had medical advice that they should stay at home. Also if your child or anyone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature, new persistent cough, loss of taste or smell, general unusual illness) your child should not attend.

If you or your children have anxieties about returning to school, we will work closely with you as a family to address any worries. If you do not feel able to return your children to school yet we will be supportive of this and will advise you on how you can keep your child learning until you are ready for them to return.

How will I know what time my child starts and finishes?

All children will start on Monday at the times set out below, so that we can ensure everyone is spread out. The times are very similar to last term.

Class Start Time Home Time
Year 3 8.40 2.50
Year 4 8.50 3.00
Year 5 8.50 3.00
Year 6 8.40 2.50
JSTF 8.55 2.45


Please help us to keep everyone well spread out by ensuring children arrive as close to their given time as possible.

How will the children and staff be kept safe in school?

While there is a strict 2m social distancing requirement between adults, the guidance we have is that we do not need to socially distance between children, particularly the youngest ones. However, we must try to keep them from very close face to face contact. We must also keep them in class groups, with no direct contact with other classes. They will be taught and supervised by the same adults throughout the day where possible.

  • Children will be seated side by side rather than face to face.
  • They will not be allowed to hug each other or their teachers.
  • They will be spread out at lunch times on a staggered timetable
  • There is a one-way system in corridors and visits to the toilets will be monitored to ensure there are never too many children using these areas at the same time.
  • Lots of time will be spent outside as this is good for your child’s health and well-being and we have plenty of space to spread children out.
  • Playtimes will be staggered so that each class can play in one large outdoor area without contact with other classes.
  • Staff are required to try to keep some distance away from children where possible. Where this is not possible staff will wear a face covering.
  • Staff will need to wear aprons, gloves, masks and visors when administering first aid or if they need to help with toileting.

How will we monitor strict hand cleanliness?

  • On their first day back in school your child’s class teacher will remind your children how to wash hands correctly and thoroughly. There is plenty of anti-bacterial hand soap available in toilets and in classrooms.
  • As the children enter the building they will use hand sanitiser. Once children are in the building and have deposited their coats and lunch boxes they will each be sent to wash their hands, maintaining social distancing where possible.
  • Although the most important thing is hand washing, hand sanitiser will also be available at the entrances to eating areas and frequent touch points such as toilet block doors.
  • All staff will have twice weekly tests so that we are immediately aware of any asymptomatic covid infections in the school and you will be informed if your child’s class needs to isolate

Does my child need to wear school uniform?

Yes we would rather your child wore school uniform as this will help to make school feel more ‘normal’ and to make children feel part of a community of equals. They should wear clean uniform each day if possible.

Most importantly your child needs to wear footwear which they can run around in as there will be plenty of outdoor activities and we won’t be getting the children changed for these.

We will let you know when your child will be having PE lessons and we will ask you to send in children already in their gym kits with their school jumper over the top.

School Uniform Grant

You should have received an email from the Local Authority if you are eligible for a School Uniform grant. Please note this year this is open to children in Reception, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5. You have until 30th June to reply.

What about Face Masks?

  • The wearing of face masks for children of primary school age is not recommended as they have a tendency to touch them frequently, risking poor hygiene.
  • However if any child’s family feels that wearing a mask is essential in order to be safe in the school environment they will not be stopped from doing so. Well-being and a feeling of safety is of paramount importance. They will need to bring a plastic bag in which to store the mask when eating and will need a clean mask every day

What should my child bring to school?

We provide all the stationary and equipment your child needs and your child should have been provided with a wipeable see-through zip wallet or a tidy, clean tray, with all their own pens, pencils, rubbers etc. These items will never be shared. If you have bought new stationary for your child for return to school please keep this at home and use it for homework tasks.

Your child won’t need a book bag this term as we will be giving them each a plastic wipeable wallet to transport reading books and homework to and from school. So all you child needs to carry to school is…

  • Plastic wallet with reading book (and homework once a week)
  • A drinks bottle
  • Snack and Lunch (if needed)

Which gate shall I bring my children in through?

You can bring your children in through either the main front gate, the North Road gate or the St David’s Close gate. There will be a one way system in place which you and your chid should follow.

  • If your child needs to walk from the infant yard to the junior yard they can take a short cut alongside the gym.
  • If you enter through the main gates with your chid please leave through the small junior yard gate.
  • The North Road entrance is two way but you are asked to keep left.

Where does my child wait to enter the school building?

There are markings on the yards to show where each family should wait before children are invited into school.

Please arrive with your child only at the time you have been given as this staggered start is an important part of social distancing. If you have two children starting at different times you may need to wait in your car or in the designated place in the yard. If this is causing you difficulties staff will be on hand to help you out.

As we found last term, If you arrive at the times you have been given and not too much before there will be very little waiting and your child will be taken into school pretty quickly. This is especially important if it is raining so we can take children straight into class without delay.

Can parents come on to the premises?

  • We know that parents of infant children, taxi escorts and some key stage two children need to bring their children into the yard and this is fine as long as you stay with your child at all times.
  • Please arrive to collect your children only at the time you have been given and wait a good distance from others on the yard.
  • If you need to bring junior children with you to drop your infant children off, they must stay close to you, at a 2m distance from other families at all times.
  • Please ensure your children stay with you at all times while waiting. They are not allowed to run around the yard, even with members of their own classes.
  • Parents will not be able to have long conversations with teachers when dropping off or picking up children as we need to keep a strict 2m distance between all adults. (Yellow dotted lines have been marked out at a 2m distance from infant external doors as a reminder of this. Thank you for your efforts so far to keep outside of this zone)
  • Please also respect 2m social distancing from our Key Stage 2 teachers both at the door and in the yards.
  • If you need to discuss something at length please phone school to make an appointment. Preferably the conversation could take place by phone.

How can parents help to keep our community safe?

We have been asked to remind parents that, despite the reopening of schools, we are otherwise still under Tier 4 restrictions. School will be operating under strict guidelines with no close contact between adults and strict hygiene routines in place. Until a further review, in order to preserve safety and to limit contact between families we would urge you NOT to do the following;

  • Hold birthday parties and sleepovers for children
  • Meet together to socialise after dropping the children into school
  • Gather in large groups outside of school, even if the children are in the same class
  • Share childcare
  • Travel by car to enjoy leisure time outside of your locality

I’m sure you will agree that these next few weeks could be ‘make or break’ in terms of the lifting of further restrictions and we mustn’t do anything to risk another wave of infections.

For the safety and well-being of everyone, we have been given a system for reporting any breaches of restrictions which we have been made aware of. Sadly, we have already had to make use of this system.

May I assure you that our staff are also subject to these rules and Governors have asked that this be communicated very clearly to them.

Will there be Breakfast Club and Kids’ Club?

Breakfast Club will start on Monday 15th March from 8am for those who really need this facility.  You should have had a message about this already and you will have seen this announced on the website.

There is a booking system for Breakfast as we need to limit numbers attending in each class in order to be able to spread out different contact groups. Please phone school by Friday lunch time each week to book your children in the following week.

Will my child have a normal school day?

  • We aim to make school as enjoyable, welcoming and positive as possible but to keep risks low a few things will be different;
    • Your child’s relationship with staff will be just the same as before but please warn them that hugging will still not be allowed!
    • The curriculum will be just the same as before but we realise that some children may need to do some catching up before they move on to new learning. We will start from where each child is
    • The first two weeks back will focus on checking on your child’s well-being, reminding them of hygiene routines, communicating high expectations of engagement in learning and informally assessing their progress.
    • We will take the opportunity to congratulate those children (and their families) who have worked so hard during school closure as we think this should be acknowledged.
    • We don’t want the children who have not completed much remote learning to worry about coming back. We realise that there are many reasons why they have not completed their work and we will consider Monday 15th March to be a fresh start!
    • Everyone will have their own personal resources but if equipment has to be shared it will be disinfected frequently
    • There will be a staggered timetable throughout the day which will not allow classes to mix.
    • Computers, Chrome Books and iPads will still be used but will be disinfected between uses.
    • Assemblies will take place with one class at a time
    • There will be Interest Groups on Friday afternoons from next week but children will always be in a group just with members of their own class.

What happens if a child or member of staff shows symptoms of COVID 19?

(You will be sent an online form very soon for you to confirm that you understand our rules and your responsibilities. You only need to complete this once.)

  1. If a child or member of staff becomes symptomatic (eg persistent cough, temperature, loss of taste and smell) they will be taken to our designated isolation room (not as scary as it sounds!) away from other people and will need to be collected immediately.
  2. The child’s temperature will be taken, using a remote device. The isolation room will then be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is used again.
  3. If a positive test confirms a case of COVID 19 in the school children and staff within the class group only may be asked by Track and Trace to isolate.
  4. In the unlikely event of an outbreak in the school (two or more linked cases) Public Health Wales will decide how to proceed.

What about lunch and snacks?

  • All lunch bags and bottles should be very clean, clearly named and where possible children will need to refill their own water bottles throughout the day.
  • School dinners will be served from the first day back
  • Children entitled to Free School Meals will be provided with a meal in school. If you pay for your school meals please ensure your sQuid account is topped up. Children can, of course bring in a packed lunch instead.
  • Please continue to send in a drinks bottle and a fruit snack for your children.
  • For younger children, please send in items which they can open themselves so that we can avoid close contacts between staff and children.
  • Children will eat their lunch in the hall or the gym as we have large tables which are easy to clean and make social distancing possible. Use of the hall and gym for lunches will be staggered so there will only be two classes in there at any one time. Hygiene will be closely monitored by staff.
  • Please note we are a ‘nut free’ school so please do not send your child into school with any foods containing nuts or nut products.
  • Birthday Cakes – Some parents have asked if they can send in cakes for the class to celebrate their children’s birthdays. At this time I would ask you only to send in shop bought, individually wrapped items. Not so nice, I know, but safer!

Texting System

To receive texts, you need to download the ‘Schoop’ App to your phone. When you are asked for our school ID, this is 8821. You should then be able to sign up to receive messages for the classes of each of your children.

Many of you have done this already. Please note you must click on the link you have been sent to complete the registration process. This will help us to contact you quickly if we need to.

We will also be continuing to contact you through the website, DoJo and your sQuid email address.

It is very important that school has your correct current phone numbers in case we need to contact you in an emergency so please contact us today if there are any changes.    

We are really looking forward to welcoming our older children back to school and I hope it won’t be long before everyone is settled back into their classes ready to enjoy the final term of the year together! May I thank you once again for your support in these very difficult circumstances. We know how hard you and your children have found these past few months.

Best wishes

C M Hewitt








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