Newsletter week ending 7th July 2023

Welsh phrase of the fortnight: Ble est ti? Where did you go?

Best Attending classes are JSTF and Year 2

Whole school attendance is 91%

The Bee Musical

A huge thank you to the staff and children for producing a fabulous Summer show for us to enjoy. The children are a credit to you! Thank you for providing the costumes, they all looked beautiful!

Scooters and bikes

Even after the reminder about no bikes and scooters on the playground before and after school, we are still seeing a small minority of little children forgetting. Please can you help us to re-inforce this message to your own children. Many thanks!

FP new playground equipment

The LEA inspector is coming to look at the playground work on 17th July so hopefully all being well we can use it from Tuesday 18th July. The children were very clear about what they wanted the safety rules to be so these will be put into my playground risk assessment.

I’m sure as time goes by the rules will be updated but these are the rules designed by the children so far:

  • No climbing up the slide in case someone comes down too quickly
  • Wait your turn and no pushing on the steps
  • No pushing anyone when using the bridge
  • If people push and shove they should have 1 warning and if they don’t improve their behaviour they aren’t allowed to use it for the rest of the playtime
  • No jumping off from the top
  • Climb where it’s safe to do so
  • No little stones to be moved from the wigwam are to the slide
  • Adults should be watching to help little children to be safe (Supervised at all times)
  • NO using the playground before school (Some older children were worried the little children might not want to get off and come into school!!)
  • Always be careful when using it to avoid people hurting themselves

Key Stage 2 Summer Show at 4pm on Wednesday12th July

On Wednesday the children will stay in school with us until 4pm. We will provide them with a drink and a snack before the show starts. They will get dressed into their costume and will be ready for the show to start at 4pm in the school Gym. Tickets are available from the school office- 2 per family in the first instance and then any spare will be sold later on. Please make sure you get your tickets on Monday!

The children have written their own scripts, created dances, produced art work, props and designed sketches as part of their Expressive Arts work this year. The singing sounds fabulous and I am sure you will be very impressed with their work on Wednesday.

Please can I remind you not to post pictures of other children on social media due to some children being subject to a court order that prevents them and their school from being recognised. Many thanks for your continued support with this.

Reception parents meeting

There will be a meeting on Thursday 13th July at 11am with Miss Trotman to talk about your child’s transition into full time school. The reception children will be taught in the same class as our nursery children next year however we have created 2 nursery groups of children so we will have some children in morning nursery and others in afternoon nursery. This will make the class smaller, quieter and calmer because it’ll have less children at any one time. There will be a high number of experienced teaching assistants to support Miss Trotman . I know you’ll have questions about the logistics so please come along to the meeting on Thursday and Miss Trotman and I will answer any questions you may have.  

Information for our nursery parents will be shared with you next week and a more in depth meeting with Miss Trotman will take place in September.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

The Child Protection and Safeguarding Officer for our school is Mrs Louise Davies, the Headteacher. In her absence the Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Stephanie Edwards. The Governor with responsibility for Child Protection and Safeguarding is Mrs Rachel Rees, the Chair of Governors.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Davies

Diary Dates

Monday 10th July

Work experience pupils from Year 10 to visit school

Foundation phase auditions for the talent show

Tuesday 11th July

Foundation Phase Trip

Carbon monoxide workshop for children

Key stage 2 auditions for the talent show

Year 2 parents meeting with Mr Jones at 2.30pm

Wednesday 12th July

Dress rehearsal for foundation phase pupils am

KS2 Summer show at 4pm

Thursday 13th July

New Reception parents meeting at 11 am

Friday 14th July

Nursery Summer trip

Tre Uchaf’s Got talent show

Monday 17th July

Annual Reports sent  to parents

Tuesday 18th July

Netball team to play Casllwchwr

Wednesday 19th July

Year 6 Leaving Assembly 1.30pm

Friday 21st July

Last day in school for pupils

NON-Uniform day for pupils

24th July

Food and Fun Summer play scheme starts!

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