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Tre Uchaf Primary School

Parents Newsletter Week Beginning 24th May 2021

Dear Parents,

This is our final week before half term and some of the children are tiring and ready for a break! We hope they will come back refreshed and ready for the final six weeks of this very strange year. We will do our very best to make these weeks as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Schoop! One Final Reminder!!

There are still too many parents not fully signed up to Schoop! Please note that signing up is a two stage process so don’t ignore any prompts from Schoop to give further registration details once you have downloaded the App and entered the school code. I know it’s a bit tricky as I didn’t get it right the first time myself!


We still have quite a few ‘unauthorised absences’ on our registers because we don’t have reasons for children’s absences. Please remember to let us know the reasons for your child’s absence straight away by phoning school or using the ‘Schoop’ absence messaging system.


Just another reminder of important dates ..

Half Term                              31st May – 4th June

INSET Day                             7th June

Class Photographs              9th June

Year 5 swimming starts      Friday 11th June

Year 5 Transition Day          29th June

Year 6 Transition Days        5th and 6th July

Last Day of Term                 16th July



Nigel our caretaker has made us some fabulous planters that really enhance our school environment.  If you have any cuttings or plants that you would like to donate to school he would be delighted to use them. He is often pottering around near the gym in the mornings so please have a chat to him if you can help in any way.



The Boot Room Project..

If you have any unwanted football or rugby boots that you would like to donate, please leave them in the box just outside the main foyer.


New Deputy Head Teacher

On Friday the governors will be interviewing candidates for the Deputy headship of Tre Uchaf. This will be someone who is new to the school and I am confident that the governors will make an excellent choice. We should be able to let you know on Monday who has been appointed

Please remember I am always happy to take a call from you if you want to discuss anything. Alternatively, you can email me on

Yours faithfully,

C M Hewitt

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